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Jemima Wolseithcrafte
And pretend that he is Parson Brown. He'll say...
Wed Nov 8, 2017 16:46

Jemima returned Owen’s hug and kiss warmly. She sort of wished the holidays could go on forever because she found Christmas completely magical and romantic, something that she suspected she would never grow out of, but she also was keen to get back to school, because it really was the place she felt she belonged - she spent so much more time there than home, the routines were familiar, and it had Owen and her friends. When she’d mentioned this to Theodore, he had made a remark about her being Schroedinger’s student, and wanting to be held in a superposition of both Christmas vacation and not Christmas vacation at the same time, before laughing at his own joke and wandering off. That had definitely lessened her desire to spend further time with her family, and made her slightly concerned. She wondered whether having a girlfriend would improve Theodore, because either it would loosen him up and he’d stop being quite so obsessed with weird books, or he’d manage to find someone as into all that as he was, and then at least he could make his clever jokes to her instead and spare Jemima. She wondered whether she would have to take responsibility for all her siblings in that respect. Her and Diana Carey’s match-making plot had worked out so well, and definitely given Francesca and Jay the pointed shove in the right direction that they’d needed. She had been sorely tempted to levitate some mistletoe in Barnabus’ direction at a few parties this year, where a certain person had been present….

“I’d love to,” she grinned, when he asked about building a snowman. She drew her wand, directing it at the ground and making some of the snow scrunch into a small ball. She continued to twirl her wand rolling the ball around in the snow to make it gather further snow.

“So… did you manage to make a ranking order?” Jemima asked. Over the holidays, parties had actually take something of a backseat, as they visited the prospective towns and cities where she might apply to college, and of course they had taken Owen along too, because the decision affected him too, and they needed to find a college that suited both of them. However, they hadn’t had much of a chance to talk, and had left the impressions of the cities to sink in over the break. And now she picked up the conversation where they had left off. Luckily, one thing artistic cities seemed to care about was good food, and so she didn’t think they would be going hungry wherever they went. They had munched their way through Baltimore in Maryland, Providence in Rhode Island, along with the big hittters… Boston. New York. San Franciscso. “Or have any strong feelings?” she asked. “I’m still really struggling to work out what I think,” she added, hoping Owen wouldn’t just turn it back to her with a promise that he’d do whatever she wanted. She appreciated that, of course, he was so loyal, but being responsible all by herself for where life took them next was way too scary. It needed actual input and opinion from both of them.

It was also hard to talk about it for other reasons… It was a ‘them’ decision - they had agreed that the best plan was to attend the same college - but they couldn’t really go together. Not in every sense… They obviously weren’t going to live together until they were married. She wondered when he planned to propose. She didn’t doubt that he did, but she had sort of hoped that Christmas might have been it. Christmas was such a romantic time, and it would have helped them move forward with where their lives were going. They talked in the abstract about being married - ‘in the future’ or ‘when we’re married’ - but now that future was rapidly creeping up… She did not want a repeat of the invitation to the Midsummer Ball…. And that made it hard to talk about the future, because she didn’t want the point at which they were going to be married to be thrashed out as a practical detail in their five year plan, and it felt like that was in danger of happening if she strayed into certain topics, or talked about them in certain ways, like what their college life going to actually look like... Even though they both knew where this was heading, she still wanted a proper proposal - romance, surprise, the works. A betrothal, quietly worked out between the parents was all well and good when it was a practical match between two families, and of course their parents would have to be involved, and to approve... But this was different. It was love. At least, she knew, they were on the same page about most things. She knew Owen wouldn’t expect her to move in with him improperly. So long as he didn’t just… suggest that they got married, then they would take it as it came.

  • In the gardens we can build a snowman (Tag Jemima)Owen Brockert, Sat Nov 4 18:34
    Owen was looking forward to going back to school and seeing Jemima every day again. He didn't know what he would do once they graduated. Them getting married someday would be inevitable-assuming her... more
    • And pretend that he is Parson Brown. He'll say... — Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Wed Nov 8 16:46
      • ....I walked into that one.Owen, Sat Dec 2 20:16
        Owen considered Jemima's question. "Not an order per se." Truth be told, he didn't always think in terms of orders, ranks, quantifiable data. Just another thing that made him worried about relating... more
        • I don't remember the words going like thatJemima, Mon Dec 11 21:30
          “Mmm, or the crabcakes in Baltimore. Or just the smell of the curries in Providence…” They had been visiting with her slightly more culinarily conservative parents, and had had to opt to try some of... more
          • How about a different song then?Owen, Thu Dec 14 04:44
            His mouth couldn't help watering a bit as Jemima described the different foods but he tried not to think about it as there was still time before the Returning Feast and Owen didn't want to start... more
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