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Good to have you aboard
Fri Nov 10, 2017 19:03

'Of the Wisconsin Priorys' the phrase stuck for a moment in Gary's head. There was a group, of Connor's family dedicated to the state of Wisconsin. Did each state have a section of Priory family? Were there any other differences between the groups other than the state in which they lived? How was the clan structured, and was this type of arrangement typical of magical families? He was naturally assuming that Connor was from a magical family, just based on the way the boy had rattled off the introduction. That also led him to believe that this location based clan system was fairly standard, and that it meant something to be a Priory from Wisconsin rather than say a Smith from Rhode Island. He wondered what that something was exactly. He'd have to put 'large wizard clan family structure' on his list of things to look into sometime.

In the meantime, he smiled back at Conner. "Nice to meet you as well Connor. I'm from just outside of Chicago. Shall we get started?" He paused just a moment, "How well do you know the labyrinth?" He eyed the maze with a bit of suspicion, still not entirely convinced that it wasn't full of strange things, or would change randomly as they traveled through it. "I've heard that magical labyrinths can hold some... interesting surprises." He had naturally been planning to do a thorough investigation of the maze since the welcoming ceremony had been held here. This probably wasn't the best time, when they had an assignment to do, but some preliminary scouting and information gathering wouldn't hurt at all.

  • Joining you.Connor Priory,Crotalus, Tue Oct 17 18:07
    Connor was really excited to be back at school. He felt a lot more...relaxed about it this year if being both excited and relaxed at the same time made any sense. Which he wasn't sure it did.... more
    • Good to have you aboard — Gary, Fri Nov 10 19:03
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