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I'll give as good as I get...
Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:48

“Where’s that then?” Kir asked, as she explained she was from one of the not so snowy states. He wondered why such people didn’t plan their vacations around getting some snow. He knew he had a slight bias from his upbringing, but every Christmas card manufacturer seemed to agree with him that Christmas wasn’t Christmas without it. If it didn’t come to them, why not go to it? Perhaps if you weren’t used to having it, it didn’t seem like you were missing out…

It appeared that Amelia was targeting the shrubbery because her brother had already graduated. He hoped that volunteering himself as a substitute didn’t mean he got put down in the ‘think of him like a brother’ category. Amelia was quite pretty…

He ducked, scooping snow hurriedly whilst trying to watch her out of the corner of his eye. Their missiles were ready around the same time and he squared up to her, waiting for the ideal moment. As she launched her snowball, he sidestepped, taking advantage of her potential distraction to throw his, not putting a sibling-level of viciousness into the attack. Hers just caught the edge of his body. He hurriedly scooped more snow, head up and watching as he stocked up for his next attack.

  • Do you expect me to return the favor?Amelia, Tue Nov 7 19:24
    “Really,” confirmed Amelia, amused by Kir McLeod’s expression and tone when she explained why she was laughing at a snowball. “It doesn’t get cold enough for snowballs where I’m from, or at least I... more
    • I'll give as good as I get... — Kir, Sat Nov 11 11:48
      • Excellent.Amelia, Wed Nov 22 20:59
        “South Carolina,” said Amelia when Kir asked where she was from. “The hotter part of it. I think they get a lot of ice in a few places, higher up, but…we don’t.” She didn’t see if her snowball made... more
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