Wed Nov 22, 2017 20:59

“South Carolina,” said Amelia when Kir asked where she was from. “The hotter part of it. I think they get a lot of ice in a few places, higher up, but…we don’t.”

She didn’t see if her snowball made contact with Kir or not, already reaching for more snow, the competition mixing with the preexisting excitement from the novelty of seeing substantial amounts of snow to make everything seem urgent and fast-moving. Standing up with more snow in her hands, she threw her arm up just in time for his to hit it instead of moving on the extra few inches to hit her torso. She shrieked, more from surprise than actual cold or alarm, then quickly compacted the rest of the snow in her hands and threw it back.

It was a little early to make any definitive rulings, but right now, she thought this snow thing might be one of those rare things in life that was not overrated. Granddad was the kind who worried that getting cold or wet might lead to getting sick, but Amelia was familiar enough with Muggle science to know that this was not what led to illnesses, and while if it went on too long, this throwing around solid water could get tiring and cold and wet, right now it was as fun as it had always looked on the front panels of Christmas cards and in figurines in Christmas villages and seasonal snowglobes.

  • I'll give as good as I get...Kir, Sat Nov 11 11:48
    “Where’s that then?” Kir asked, as she explained she was from one of the not so snowy states. He wondered why such people didn’t plan their vacations around getting some snow. He knew he had a slight ... more
    • Excellent. — Amelia, Wed Nov 22 20:59
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