....I walked into that one.
Sat Dec 2, 2017 20:16

Owen considered Jemima's question. "Not an order per se." Truth be told, he didn't always think in terms of orders, ranks, quantifiable data. Just another thing that made him worried about relating to Jemima's family. It was just that he liked to let the creative process flow through him and see what happened. Though he guessed that didn't apply here. It was just that it wasn't as if he made a table or anything ranking or rating different factors each city possessed.

"I mean, there are good things about everywhere. Like, in Madison, there was that authentic Mexican place and beer cheese soup." Beer cheese soup was amazing though it would surely have been even better with garlic. Most things were.

Of course, Owen knew it was frivolous to make a decision that could possibly be life altering solely on the basis of a particular food that was served there. He could practically hear Theodore scoffing at the idea even as he thought it.

He continued. "My mother would probably like if we went to Fort Collins since it's in Colorado so I'd be closer to her and the climate in Albuquerque is....probably better for me, healthwise." Dry desert air was supposed to be better for one's lungs. "But we can live in either once we get married. This is probably the only time I'll get to live on the east side of the country."

Okay, so none of his reasons one way or the other would be probably considered good ones one way or the other. Well, Owen supposed New Mexico would be based on health and that was important but none of them were really career based. It was just that his career was writing and Jemima's was art and that came from inside a person. There were always external influences of course, such as one's personality and experiences, but creativity was...well, it wasn't based on facts and rules and stuff. In fact, it was a rejection of them in a way.

  • And pretend that he is Parson Brown. He'll say...Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Wed Nov 8 16:46
    Jemima returned Owen’s hug and kiss warmly. She sort of wished the holidays could go on forever because she found Christmas completely magical and romantic, something that she suspected she would... more
    • ....I walked into that one. — Owen, Sat Dec 2 20:16
      • I don't remember the words going like thatJemima, Mon Dec 11 21:30
        “Mmm, or the crabcakes in Baltimore. Or just the smell of the curries in Providence…” They had been visiting with her slightly more culinarily conservative parents, and had had to opt to try some of... more
        • How about a different song then?Owen, Thu Dec 14 04:44
          His mouth couldn't help watering a bit as Jemima described the different foods but he tried not to think about it as there was still time before the Returning Feast and Owen didn't want to start... more
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