I don't remember the words going like that
Mon Dec 11, 2017 21:30

“Mmm, or the crabcakes in Baltimore. Or just the smell of the curries in Providence…” They had been visiting with her slightly more culinarily conservative parents, and had had to opt to try some of the less spicy, but still delicious, food on that particular trip. The food that had accompanied each of their trips had been amazing. Jemima wasn’t sure she could choose a city based on food - not because that wasn’t a good enough reason, but because it had all been so amazing.

“Is that a vote for the East then?” she asked, with a slight smile, as he said that this might be his only chance to live there. Jemima had no objections to living near to Owen’s family once they were married but… Well, that was fairly set in stone, and Sonora had been decided for them. Whilst she was perfectly happy with both of those things, the thought of really choosing somewhere for themselves certainly appealed. This was their move, and she wanted to make the most of it. They’d also talked about travelling the world at some stage. Whilst Owen’s mother was perfectly nice, she could be a bit clingy. Owen wasn’t a baby or an invalid but she sometimes seemed to want to treat him that way. Jemima thought that if Mrs. Brockert got too used to her son being on her doorstep, she might be disinclined to let him go… She didn’t exactly want to have to spell that out, but it seemed like Owen was leaning towards having an adventure whilst they had the chance as well. “Just for college,” she confirmed.

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    Owen considered Jemima's question. "Not an order per se." Truth be told, he didn't always think in terms of orders, ranks, quantifiable data. Just another thing that made him worried about relating... more
    • I don't remember the words going like that — Jemima, Mon Dec 11 21:30
      • How about a different song then?Owen, Thu Dec 14 04:44
        His mouth couldn't help watering a bit as Jemima described the different foods but he tried not to think about it as there was still time before the Returning Feast and Owen didn't want to start... more
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