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How about a different song then?
Thu Dec 14, 2017 04:44

His mouth couldn't help watering a bit as Jemima described the different foods but he tried not to think about it as there was still time before the Returning Feast and Owen didn't want to start getting hungry now. After all, hunger sometimes started that way. With a craving. With your tastebuds screaming, needing something. Needing to feel something. "Curry sounds really good right now." Owen replied. It really really did. Fortunately, Sonora tended to serve international fare, both because of the foreign students who were used to it-even though there were no Indian or Indian American students currently attending the school-and to....expose them to other cultures, he guessed. Or at least their foods.

"I suppose it is." He confirmed. Owen noted that made Jemima smile which in turn, made him happy. Making her smile was one of his greatest pleasures in life, possibly even more so than writing and garlic. He also took this to mean that that was what she wanted.

"Now where on the east side of the country should we live for college?" To Owen, east meant east of the Mississippi river, which included places like Madison and Chicago. So Jemima already lived in the east. However, that was just the way the Brockerts viewed this and presumably, she meant the East in the way people normally did, as in the East coast. Possibly, as Jemima was from Chicago, that that was what she wished to do. She had, after all, specifically mentioned Baltimore and Providence by name.

  • I don't remember the words going like thatJemima, Mon Dec 11 21:30
    “Mmm, or the crabcakes in Baltimore. Or just the smell of the curries in Providence…” They had been visiting with her slightly more culinarily conservative parents, and had had to opt to try some of... more
    • How about a different song then? — Owen, Thu Dec 14 04:44
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