Heinrich Hexenmeister
oh nein
Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:50

One month ago, Heinrich Hexenmeister had been living in Zauberstadt, Germany with his parents and two younger siblings. Three weeks ago, he'd been uprooted from his home country and installed, along with his siblings, in the home of his uncle, Karl Hexenmeister, in Utah. Uncle Karl had resigned him from the German school he had been expecting to attend, and enrolled him instead in an American school one state south of his new residence. Which would be fine, mostly, if they spoke German, or Heinrich had ever spoken English to anyone but his English tutor before in any context other than English lessons. He was good at English, as he was at most of his lessons, but it was a lesson. He had never expected to actually need it for anything but directing a British tourist to the town's inn.

Instead, he was on a flying wagon, crossing the foreign environment of the American West, which looked nothing at all like the old forests where he'd lived his life up until now, surrounded by people talking in a language he could follow some of, but which mostly just sounded like gibberish unless he was really concentrating on it. He kept to himself, which would have been normal behavior anyway, and read his book - Learn to Read English With Fairy Tales! - and hoped he was ready for this.

He got off the wagon in a greener area than what they'd been flying over, but it still looked foreign to him. Hedges were no substitute for towering dark trees in his opinion. The professor guy pointed him to signs he could decipher, so that was promising, so he followed the arrows, got some food, and looked at intimidating blocks of English text in the folder hand-outs. He sighed and closed the folder and promised himself he'd try to read it later, as an exercise in learning English if not for its own sake. The guy from the wagons joined them some time later, and began talking a lot. Like, really a lot, and Heinrich got some of it, but he fell behind and got lost and stopped trying after a while. This was not promising at all. At least he had German versions of the text books, so even if he couldn't follow the lectures, he could at least read the books and follow the curriculum that way.

Eventually, the guy stopped talking, and everyone else seemed to be just talking amongst themselves, so he figured that was probably what they were supposed to be doing. "Hallo. Ich -" Oh right, English. "I am Heinrich," he introduced himself. "How goes it to you? No," he frowned in concentration. They said it differently in English, "How are you?" That was it.

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    • oh nein — Heinrich Hexenmeister, Sat Jan 20 10:50
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            • AnxiousHeinrich Hexenmeister, Sun Jan 21 15:54
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                    Okay. The thread will carry on between us without you. As Alana is now free, may I suggest you reply to Masha, as she's still waiting for someone to talk to?
                    • Right thenHeinrich Hexenmeister, Fri Jan 26 07:08
                      "Danke," Heinrich said in response to Nathaniel's compliment of his English skills, then grimaced and repeated, in English this time, "Thank you." The easy phrases like that, he knew how to say in... more
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