Sylvia Mordue (with a little bit of Nate)
Oh yes!
Sat Jan 20, 2018 15:39

Sonora was going to be a success for her, Sylvia was sure. This belief was partially founded on the fact that Simon, her older brother, was doing relatively well here. Part of that was the dumb luck of having fallen into a yeargroup that gave him good roommates - the right people, Society types, so he had easily fallen in with a good crowd. However, that was to her advantage too. Not only did she have her big brother here, but there were at least two older students who knew who she was and who had at least some interest in her happiness in order to maintain their harmonious living arrangements. If Simon could crack this whole school social scene thing, she was more than confident of her own ability, which exceeded his in almost every area. The rest of the belief came from force of will. She was going to be successful here because she willed it to be so, and she was very used to getting exactly what she wanted.

As the wagon began its descent, she pulled a compact mirror from her pocket, checking her dark brown hair was still picture perfect. She had opted for a French braid - it was always in style and so travel-proof - and simple, elegant make-up. She had been allowed to get made up for special occasions for as long as she could remember, and was proud to say that she had applied the light foundation powder, mascara and hint of grey eyeshadow (which made the green of her eyes pop) and clear gloss with minimal supervision from her mother, as she would have to do every day now that she was a boarding school student. All in all, she was feeling very grown up, especially as she hadn’t even got teary when she had had to kiss all of her stuffed unicorns goodbye (because society ladies did not have stuffed toys on their beds) although the promise of a special going away to school present had helped. The matching bracelet and necklace, set with green sapphires (sapphire because they symbolised September, but green because they did so much more to bring out her eyes) were very pretty, and if each passing occasion now meant something new and sparkly, starting a collection of jewellery like her mother’s, instead of a new stuffed unicorn, she thought she could handle being an adult.

She was arriving with her cousin, and she allowed Nate to step off the wagon first and then take her hand to assist her down. She had decided that it was best that they stick together at orientation, so she could help people form the correct ideas about Nate, which were that it was not at all his fault that his father had turned out to be a scoundrel, and that this absolutely should not be held against him. Sylvia came from the principle line of their family - the wealthier, more prestigious and scandal free main line - and therefore felt her continued endorsement of her cousin lent him credibility.

The two of them followed the signs towards the orientation area. She put on her Polite Listening Face whilst the nobody herbology professor told them all the things that Simon and the brochure had already told them, and then he set them to the important task. Mingling! Sylvia had been raised to know how to work a room and make small talk, and she relished this first opportunity to put these skills to use in her new environment. If she could meet the right people from the outset, everything would be so much easier. She and Nate were bound to get into Crotalus, of course, which would help with meeting the right sorts, but if she could get a headstart on that with her own yeargroup, she could use the feast to effectively network, or butter up her brother’s friends a little more.

The first person who greeted her and Nate was a foreigner, which was less than ideal, because she wasn’t well read on the foreign families, other than those who were already known to be attending to Sonora. He hadn’t introduced himself in the proper American style, but that was because he clearly wasn’t a proper American. However, he might easily have been a proper something else. He seemed to be rather out of his depth with the English language, so he was a good opportunity for practising patience and compassion (which, apparently, were important ladylike virtues, though Sylvia really failed to see the point of them, unless she supposed someone happened to be incredibly dull but also incredibly rich and well-connected) even if he proved to be good for nothing else.

“Good day,” she greeted politely, enunciating very clearly and slowly, “I am Sylvia Mordue of the Oregon Mordues, and this is my cousin, Nathanial,” no one else was allowed to call Nate ‘Nate,’ that was her special privilege. “We’re very well thank you. How are you?”

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