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Masha Adin
Why am I here at all?
Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:11

Masha couldn’t wait to get out of the flying wagon. It didn’t strike her as safe.

Why can’t they use planes or helicopters, like everyone else? she thought as she stepped to the ground.

There was a man that pointed her to the direction where she should go. She grabbed one folder with information and she was ushered towards the tables full of food. Trying not to draw anyone's attention she debated with herself should she take the food. Her stomach was still upset from the flight, she purposely didn’t want to think of fear. Finally, Masha took a plate and placed few pieces of pear, cheese and something that looked like a dried meat. She found a spot, secluded enough from others.

Masha was used to jumping from one culture to the other, but this was terrifying. So many of her classmates were from different cultures if she could judge by their appearance. And some of them didn't speak English well, judging by the way they looked around, confused. Or maybe they did but just didn’t like the place? Masha wrinkled her nose

Why am I here at all? Shouldn’t I be in school where I could speak my language?

Her English was passable but far from good, and that worried her. How good will she understand them? How well will she learn on foreign language?

The man that greeted them started to talk, and she focused her attention to what he was saying. Masha nearly sighed when she realised that she can understand all that he was saying just fine. Taking a small pencil she smuggled in her pocket, she opened the folder and took some notes from that speech, scribbling on the margins of the brochure.

The introduction of the school was...unnecessary... The brochures offered same information, if not more. When Professor of Herbology, the only useful information so far, mentioned brooms and flying Masha frowned. Imagining the images from muggle cartoons - a witch with a mole on her nose, black pointy hat, black cat and mad cackling. Sure, her father told her about flying but...she never believed him truly, convinced that he was joking. Apparently, he was not.

She scribbled

Professor Skies - English”

Frowned again when Professor started to talk about cats and rats. All mentioned clubs sounded boring to her, but it did sound like they are mandatory, she made another note

Do we have to be in the club?”

He finished his long speech with mentioning of the houses, except she didn’t know in what house she is placed so at the moment it was irrelevant. However, information about house points was important, except she wasn’t sure what they saw as good behaviour and what as getting into trouble. She will have to ask that.
When he finished no one asked a question so she packed her pencil back in the pocket, unsure if she might get in trouble for bringing it. They didn’t ban muggle thing, and everyone was dressed in muggle clothes, as far as she noticed.

Kids around her started to talk among themselves, so she quickly took her plate pretending to eat. They apparently knew each other if they catted so openly. It would be smart to stay away and observe until she figure out how to talk with all of them.

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    • Why am I here at all? — Masha Adin, Sun Jan 21 11:11
      • Socializing...Leilani-Alana Akau, Thu Jan 25 19:16
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        • What do I do now?Masha Adin, Fri Jan 26 19:41
          Masha focused on her plate, and that was a mistake. She managed to lower her eyes long enough, when she raised them again she noticed the girl approaching. For a brief moment, she hoped that the girl ... more
          • Deep breaths. In...out...Leilani-Alana Akau, Sat Jan 27 18:08
            Alana noticed that Masha seemed very nervous, so she smiled to try to calm her nerves — both hers and Masha's. "Ooh, Kaua'i is nice! My family is from O'ahu, but I've visited all the islands at least ... more
            • Pureblood? Muggle?Masha Adin, Fri Feb 2 19:08
              Alana was nice. That was relaxing. She told her from which island she is and Masha was relieved, she didn’t insult the girl. She was glad that she wasn’t the only one concerned about different... more
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        • Mingling...Leilani-Alana Akau, Sat Jan 20 18:40
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          • OOC answersDH Skies, Sun Jan 21 06:09
            Hi Alana, Just to answer your questions. Yes, multiple people are allowed to join the thread so it's fine that you joined us, and yes, there is then a posting order - the same order is maintained,... more
            • AnxiousHeinrich Hexenmeister, Sun Jan 21 15:54
              The girl he had approached seemed to take many more words to answer his introduction that had been used in his Conversational English unit. He’d gotten Good Day, that was easy enough. And then he... more
              • Being soothing.Nathaniel and Sylvia Mordue, Mon Jan 22 11:10
                Oregon, Hawaii, and Germany. Nathaniel supposed Sylvia would be pleased; they were networking with the whole globe within minutes of landing at Sonora. “It’s nice to meet both of you,” he said... more
                • Trying to remain in characterLeilani-Alana Akau, Mon Jan 22 21:35
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                  • OOCDH Skies, Thu Jan 25 02:52
                    Okay. The thread will carry on between us without you. As Alana is now free, may I suggest you reply to Masha, as she's still waiting for someone to talk to?
                    • Right thenHeinrich Hexenmeister, Fri Jan 26 07:08
                      "Danke," Heinrich said in response to Nathaniel's compliment of his English skills, then grimaced and repeated, in English this time, "Thank you." The easy phrases like that, he knew how to say in... more
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