Heinrich Hexenmeister
Sun Jan 21, 2018 15:54

The girl he had approached seemed to take many more words to answer his introduction that had been used in his Conversational English unit. He’d gotten Good Day, that was easy enough. And then he gathered she was specifying her state of origin. Then she introduced the boy with her, who was her cousin. Then she was back to the Conversational English script, so he felt he was doing quite well with the whole Understanding His Peers thing.

However, while he was still trying to figure out a good answer to her reciprocal question - he could say that he was well, or very well, or happy, or sad, or even angry, but none of those were entirely accurate. But ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘anxious’ and other such words which would be accurate, were outside his current vocabulary - a fourth student came up and joined them, who also introduced herself along with her state of origin. Heinrich guessed that maybe this was just a thing people did when they lived in such a huge country.

“Hallo,” he knew the English word was hello, but he felt it was close enough that he’d be understood, and the second girl had used a greeting that wasn’t English either. “I am Heinrich Hexenmeister,” he repeated again, in case the newcomer had missed it, and both Sylvia and Leilani-Alana had both offered surnames, so he added that, too, to expand everyone’s knowledge about him. “I am from Germany.” He considered mentioning Utah, but wasn’t sure exactly how to explain, and he certainly did not wish to get into why he had moved, so he just left it at that he was from Germany.

“I am a little,” he stopped, trying to find the word he needed. He still hadn’t remembered ‘anxious’ or ‘overwhelmed’ but he thought he could remember one word from the fairy tale he’d been reading on the wagon that might work, “scared about Sonora. My English is not very good.”

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    • Anxious — Heinrich Hexenmeister, Sun Jan 21 15:54
      • Being soothing.Nathaniel and Sylvia Mordue, Mon Jan 22 11:10
        Oregon, Hawaii, and Germany. Nathaniel supposed Sylvia would be pleased; they were networking with the whole globe within minutes of landing at Sonora. “It’s nice to meet both of you,” he said... more
        • Trying to remain in characterLeilani-Alana Akau, Mon Jan 22 21:35
          Sylvia Mordue of the Oregon Mordues introduced herself, and Leilani-Alana forced a smile. She knew a lot about body language and tones of voice, and she could tell that Sylvia was wondering what... more
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            • Right thenHeinrich Hexenmeister, Fri Jan 26 07:08
              "Danke," Heinrich said in response to Nathaniel's compliment of his English skills, then grimaced and repeated, in English this time, "Thank you." The easy phrases like that, he knew how to say in... more
              • No great lossSylvia and Nathaniel, Fri Jan 26 21:45
                Nathaniel glanced at his cousin when Leilani-Alana suddenly left them, wondering what that was about – afraid it was That Matter, and assuming Sylvia would have figured it out and have had some kind... more
                • Because Sonora.Heinrich, Thu Feb 1 11:29
                  Why Sonora? There were other words in Frauline Mordue’s question, but he thought the question word and the school’s name caught most of the meaning in her query. At any rate, that was the question he ... more
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