Nathaniel and Sylvia Mordue
Being soothing.
Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:10

Oregon, Hawaii, and Germany. Nathaniel supposed Sylvia would be pleased; they were networking with the whole globe within minutes of landing at Sonora.

“It’s nice to meet both of you,” he said politely, with an inclination of his head instead of a bow just to be on the safe side. He did not want to do anything that could reflect poorly on Mama or Sylvia or Uncle Alexander or Aunt Avery or Simon, but particularly the first two. Mama had been humiliated enough by his father and Sylvia was more like a twin to him than a cousin.

If he had to make a decision, though, he thought he would conclude they were also purebloods. Leilani-Alana seemed to hold herself as confidently as Sylvia did, and why would a family of German Muggles send their son to school here? He’d read that being able to travel quickly was one of the advantages of being a wizard, one of the things that had helped them survive despite the Muggles’ greater numbers before the Statute of Secrecy was devised. It would only be a bit of a headache for wizards to go to school where they wished, but he had read that Muggles had to get about on non-winged horses and some mechanisms that didn’t move much faster. He thought it would take a long time to make a sailboat travel from Germany without any magic to pick up the slack when the wind was low.

“You’re doing very well so far,” he said when Heinrich admitted to being afraid of Sonora because of his English. Mama always tried to be encouraging when Nathaniel or his brother Jeremy were anxious, and Nathaniel had learned to do the same for her after his father left them, so it was almost reflexive to do so now.

"Nice to meet you," Sylvia lied to Heinrich and Alana. She had been willing to give Heinrich a pass on his introduction given that he was clearly foreign, but what kind of boy admitted to being scared about starting school? It was lucky that Nate was there to offer soothing remarks, as he was much better at that sort of thing than she was. She suspected it came from being an older sibling - Jeremy was certainly whiny and annoying enough that they both got rather a lot of practise at being soothing and conciliatory, but Nate much more so than her, and either this practise had benefited him, or he just had more natural aptitude. She often felt like strangling her youngest cousin when he was being a brat.

"We are Sylvia and Nathaniel Mordue of the Oregon Mordues," she added, for benefit of the other girl, who she didn't think had heard this the first time around. Not that expected that information to be particularly meaningful to someone who greeted people with the word 'aloha,' which seemed terribly casual. Although she understood it was a dialectal variant, and she supposed Hawai'i was foreign enough, in spite of technically being American, that it might have different rules. Drat. She had spent so long learning etiquette and customs, and now she was being faced with these two challenges who, whilst they were most definitely not sticking to her rules, might have reasonable excuses for having a different set to her. She knew the one thing she couldn't just outright ask was 'So, are you Purebloods or not?' because that was, irritatingly enough, considered rude and vulgar, even though it really would make life a lot easier.

"I'm sure we'll all have fun here," she added, trying to run with the whole 'reassuring the scared German' thing, though without directly referencing his deeply unmasculine and unbecoming discussion of his private and pathetic emotions, or without contradicting him directly about how it should feel to start school. "My brother says Sonora is a great place - all kinds of excellent people go here."

OOC: Co-written with Sylvia's author.

  • AnxiousHeinrich Hexenmeister, Sun Jan 21 15:54
    The girl he had approached seemed to take many more words to answer his introduction that had been used in his Conversational English unit. He’d gotten Good Day, that was easy enough. And then he... more
    • Being soothing. — Nathaniel and Sylvia Mordue, Mon Jan 22 11:10
      • Trying to remain in characterLeilani-Alana Akau, Mon Jan 22 21:35
        Sylvia Mordue of the Oregon Mordues introduced herself, and Leilani-Alana forced a smile. She knew a lot about body language and tones of voice, and she could tell that Sylvia was wondering what... more
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          • Right thenHeinrich Hexenmeister, Fri Jan 26 07:08
            "Danke," Heinrich said in response to Nathaniel's compliment of his English skills, then grimaced and repeated, in English this time, "Thank you." The easy phrases like that, he knew how to say in... more
            • No great lossSylvia and Nathaniel, Fri Jan 26 21:45
              Nathaniel glanced at his cousin when Leilani-Alana suddenly left them, wondering what that was about – afraid it was That Matter, and assuming Sylvia would have figured it out and have had some kind... more
              • Because Sonora.Heinrich, Thu Feb 1 11:29
                Why Sonora? There were other words in Frauline Mordue’s question, but he thought the question word and the school’s name caught most of the meaning in her query. At any rate, that was the question he ... more
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