Leilani-Alana Akau
Trying to remain in character
Mon Jan 22, 2018 21:35

Sylvia Mordue of the Oregon Mordues introduced herself, and Leilani-Alana forced a smile. She knew a lot about body language and tones of voice, and she could tell that Sylvia was wondering what blood type she was. Unfortunately, she was only a half-blood, although her mother, Jessica, was a Pureblood, from the Filipino Santos line. Jessica had been disowned for marrying beneath them — a half-blood. That would make Alana something like three-quarters blood. She shook her head. Blood status confused her.

"Indeed," Alana said, smiling. "I hope to learn as much as I can while I am here. My older brother, Makai, recently graduated from Sonora, and I hope to make Mother and Papa as proud as they were when he did."

She coughed delicately. "Perhaps I will take my leave and go greet some other students. It was lovely meeting you, Sylvia, Nathaniel," she lied through her teeth, and inclined her head to them briefly. The nod wasn't long enough to show that she was hiding or scared, and not short enough to be considered disrespectful. She nodded to Heinrich, smiled at him warmly in an attempt to calm his nerves, and spun on her heel and walked away.

OOC — I just barely made the word count! 200, exactly, not counting this.

  • Being soothing.Nathaniel and Sylvia Mordue, Mon Jan 22 11:10
    Oregon, Hawaii, and Germany. Nathaniel supposed Sylvia would be pleased; they were networking with the whole globe within minutes of landing at Sonora. “It’s nice to meet both of you,” he said... more
    • Trying to remain in character — Leilani-Alana Akau, Mon Jan 22 21:35
      • OOCDH Skies, Thu Jan 25 02:52
        Okay. The thread will carry on between us without you. As Alana is now free, may I suggest you reply to Masha, as she's still waiting for someone to talk to?
        • Right thenHeinrich Hexenmeister, Fri Jan 26 07:08
          "Danke," Heinrich said in response to Nathaniel's compliment of his English skills, then grimaced and repeated, in English this time, "Thank you." The easy phrases like that, he knew how to say in... more
          • No great lossSylvia and Nathaniel, Fri Jan 26 21:45
            Nathaniel glanced at his cousin when Leilani-Alana suddenly left them, wondering what that was about – afraid it was That Matter, and assuming Sylvia would have figured it out and have had some kind... more
            • Because Sonora.Heinrich, Thu Feb 1 11:29
              Why Sonora? There were other words in Frauline Mordue’s question, but he thought the question word and the school’s name caught most of the meaning in her query. At any rate, that was the question he ... more
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