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Leilani-Alana Akau
Thu Jan 25, 2018 19:16

After walking away from a few other first-year students, Alana searched the crowd for someone else to introduce herself to. She wasn't by any means a social butterfly, but she had enough Pureblood training from her mother and tutors to know that it was rude to just stand in the corner all by herself. Even if that's what she really wanted to do.

She looked around. There were so many people! She had been homeschooled all her life along with her two brothers, so she was amazed at the number of students here. She spotted a girl with a plate of food, and smiled. The girl was all by herself, watching everyone else, so Alana guessed she was either very shy or from a foreign country. A perfect candidate!

She hoped the girl was friendlier than the Mordues. She looked nice enough, but Alana had long-since learned that looks could be deceiving.

She walked over and smiled, a bit nervously. "Er, hello," she said, leaving off her usual Hawaiian greeting in case the girl actually was a foreigner. "I am Leilani-Alana. I just moved here from Hawaii. You can call me Alana if it's easier. Most people find my whole name a bit long to say every time they want my attention." She laughed lightly. "Anyway," she continued, "what's your name?"

  • Why am I here at all?Masha Adin, Sun Jan 21 11:11
    Masha couldnít wait to get out of the flying wagon. It didnít strike her as safe. Why canít they use planes or helicopters, like everyone else? she thought as she stepped to the ground. There was a... more
    • Socializing... — Leilani-Alana Akau, Thu Jan 25 19:16
      • What do I do now?Masha Adin, Fri Jan 26 19:41
        Masha focused on her plate, and that was a mistake. She managed to lower her eyes long enough, when she raised them again she noticed the girl approaching. For a brief moment, she hoped that the girl ... more
        • Deep breaths. In...out...Leilani-Alana Akau, Sat Jan 27 18:08
          Alana noticed that Masha seemed very nervous, so she smiled to try to calm her nerves ó both hers and Masha's. "Ooh, Kaua'i is nice! My family is from O'ahu, but I've visited all the islands at least ... more
          • Pureblood? Muggle?Masha Adin, Fri Feb 2 19:08
            Alana was nice. That was relaxing. She told her from which island she is and Masha was relieved, she didnít insult the girl. She was glad that she wasnít the only one concerned about different... more
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