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Masha Adin
What do I do now?
Fri Jan 26, 2018 19:41

Masha focused on her plate, and that was a mistake. She managed to lower her eyes long enough, when she raised them again she noticed the girl approaching. For a brief moment, she hoped that the girl was just going in her general direction and not to her. But, she wasn’t that lucky.

Masha shuffled nervously, girl's features looked familiar or was it something in her stance. It wasn’t that Masha knew the girl, but something. If Masha was honest with herself, she would admit that she felt like hiding under the table. It was late even for that, the girl approached her and started to speak.

Hawaiian! At least I know how to speak to her.

The wave of relief washed over her. Of course, another hurdle, much more difficult to overcome was her natural shines. She felt her face burn, while her brain worked fast. It would be customary to greet the girl with ‘Aloha’ but since the girl used English form of greeting. Maybe the girl didn’t like strangers, then again she was here. Finally, Masha decided to go for the middle solution.

“Hi” she tried to smile, not quite sure if she succeeded in that. Masha stretched her hand making a ‘shaka’ sign, but pulled it back almost instantly, clenching it into a fist and hiding behind her back. This was not going well.

“Ummm, sorry. I..I’m Masha. Masha Adin. Nice to meet you, Alana. I ummm… well, I was on Hawai, well, one of the islands anyway, Kauaʻi, but not for long.” she breathed out as an apology just in case she offended the Alana with the hand gesture.

Well, if the girl just moved, she probably didn’t know anyone here as well. Through, she did notice her talking to a group of kids. Finally placing her plate down she gripped her hands in fists and took a deep breath

“I’m sorry, but I really don’t know to...It seems like there are too many people from different cultures and I don’t want to offend anyone.”

She noticed that Alana did say she is from Hawaii, she heard some other kids introducing their origin as well. That worried her, her family never had a permanent residence. She was almost afraid to look at the girl, and by now she was probably ridiculously red in the face.

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    After walking away from a few other first-year students, Alana searched the crowd for someone else to introduce herself to. She wasn't by any means a social butterfly, but she had enough Pureblood... more
    • What do I do now? — Masha Adin, Fri Jan 26 19:41
      • Deep breaths. In...out...Leilani-Alana Akau, Sat Jan 27 18:08
        Alana noticed that Masha seemed very nervous, so she smiled to try to calm her nerves — both hers and Masha's. "Ooh, Kaua'i is nice! My family is from O'ahu, but I've visited all the islands at least ... more
        • Pureblood? Muggle?Masha Adin, Fri Feb 2 19:08
          Alana was nice. That was relaxing. She told her from which island she is and Masha was relieved, she didn’t insult the girl. She was glad that she wasn’t the only one concerned about different... more
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