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Masha Adin
Pureblood? Muggle?
Fri Feb 2, 2018 19:08

Alana was nice. That was relaxing. She told her from which island she is and Masha was relieved, she didn’t insult the girl.

She was glad that she wasn’t the only one concerned about different cultures in this place. Masha even though

Nice to know, usually, I’m the only one

But then the girl started to talk about her family and she tried to smile in order to hide confusion.

Pureblood? Muggle? What language is that? What about my blood?

Her first impulse was to say how she did all mandatory check-ups, including the blood-work when they applied for entrance into the country. That wasn’t anything new. And somehow didn’t seem that Alana wanted to know that.

Frowning she tried to decipher what was she asked.

Maybe she wants to know if my parents are wizards. I hope that she does. Or maybe she wants to know from where am I.

That was another reason to frown. Finally, deciding on what she thought middle solution she attempted to smile to Alana

“Ummm, my parents are from Russia, but I wasn’t born there. I was born in Egypt. But we don’t live there either! Ummm we sort of move around. A lot.” she tried another smile, it wasn’t going so well in her opinion “Ummmm. I don’t know what Pureblood or Muggle is, sorry” blushing she added fast “Only my papa is a wizard, mama isn’t. But papa never talked about Purebloods or Muggles. What are they?”

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    Alana noticed that Masha seemed very nervous, so she smiled to try to calm her nerves — both hers and Masha's. "Ooh, Kaua'i is nice! My family is from O'ahu, but I've visited all the islands at least ... more
    • Pureblood? Muggle? — Masha Adin, Fri Feb 2 19:08
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