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Lily Spencer
Consider me intrigued.
Wed Feb 7, 2018 18:21

The Labyrinth Gardens was one place Lily knew the ins and outs of without question. Since her first year, when she and Jozua played monsters and knights and all sorts of other games, she had scoured the gardens, finding every hiding place, fountain, benches and magical creatures until there was almost no mystery to it anymore. Now, as a fifth year, she didn't play pretend quite as often, but she still considered the gardens her space.

With her book bag on her shoulder, she made her way to the gazebo. Lily had loads of reading to do already for her classes and she could not allow herself to fall behind again. This year she had CATS, and if she didn't do well on her CATS she would most certainly not be able to move on to certain advanced courses and her parents would skin her alive. Metaphorically, of course. She ran her fingers along the hedges, pulling away from the spots that were particularly prone to hiding magical creatures, and finally made it to her haven.

Lily dropped her bag onto the bench and sat down, taking a moment to relax. She leant her head against the back of the bench and then noticed a piece of paper stuck to the ceiling. Curious, Lily summoned it with her wand and it floated into her hand. The first line intrigued her, and she continued reading the long description, growing more and more curious as she went on.

It didn't sound like a physical adventure, but an adventure nonetheless, this time as a rogue character. "Jozua would love this," she said to herself. "I hope he finds one." Maybe she could find another advert and take it for her best friend. Regardless of whatever was happening between them right now, he was still and would always be her partner-in-adventure. However, instead of jumping up and abandoning her plans for the day to find him, she decided to stay with her schedule and groaned as she yanked her textbook out of her bag.

  • Adventure Awaits... if you dareGary Harper, Tue Feb 6 21:37
    This was the dangerous part. Gary wound his way through the garden's labyrinth to the gazebo. He eyed it warily as he approached. Entering cautiously, the stuck a piece of paper to the ceiling where... more
    • Consider me intrigued. — Lily Spencer, Wed Feb 7 18:21
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