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Nevaeh Reed (ft. Isis Carter)
Dirty little secret
Tue Feb 13, 2018 14:31


Nevaeh, an Aladren, was usually at least a little more eloquent than that, but she was quite surprised by the information she had just received and wasn't entirely sure how to process it. “You and Professor Xavier?”

Across the desk, Isis nodded. “Like, Herbology Professor Xavier? The one at this school? You're dating him?”

“Is that really so hard to believe?” Isis asked. “Teachers have lives outside of the classroom, you know that.”

“I mean… I guess not.” Nevaeh paused. One hand sat in her lap, and the other reached down to scritch Scout’s fur. “...Does he know about me?” She was hesitant to ask, not sure what to expect except that she had the feeling she would be annoyed no matter what the response. She was tired of feeling like the dirty little secret that Isis hid in plain sight, but she also resented the idea that her mother could tell this to whomever she pleased while Nevaeh was asked to keep it quiet.

“Yes, he does. He knows almost everything about my life.” In fact, Isis was almost sure she'd run out of secrets at this point, which was part of why she was telling Nevaeh about this now; if he hadn't run away screaming thus far, that made it seem pretty certain that this was going to be a permanent arrangement.

“Like what?”

“Like more than you need to,” Isis replied immediately.

“So we're telling people now,” Nevaeh said flatly after an awkward moment of silence. “Thought I was a secret.”

“Now that's not fair, I-”

“No, no, I get it,” the sixth year interrupted. “I didn't tell anyone though. You're welcome.”

“Things are different in a committed, adult relationship,” Isis stated, glancing over the part where she had definitely told Alfie fairly early into their friendship. “He likes you,” she added as if it helped.

“Don't talk down to me,” Nevaeh snapped. “It's whatever. Do whatever you want. I don't even know why you're telling me this anyway. Are you trying to claim me now? Because I don't want to be claimed when it's convenient for you, thanks. You're my mother or you aren't. Quit picking and choosing.” She stood up sharply, and her dog bolted upright on cue. They moved to the doorway but stopped there. “Congrats,” she said. “Just try not to ruin my favorite professor, okay?”

Nevaeh could feel Isis’s eyes glued to her, but she and Scout left and didn't come back. She even left the door open on purpose to let her mother watch her go. “Come on, Scout,” she muttered. “Let's go for a walk.”

The pair soon found themselves in the labyrinth gardens, which were of course the best place to walk. But all at once, Nevaeh didn't really feel like walking anymore. She sat down in the grass and unhooked Scout’s guiding bar. “Go play,” she said. Scout nuzzled her hand briefly as a goodbye before traipsing into a nearby pile of leaves. And Nevaeh just sat there, staring at the blurs.

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      Term was just getting underway, and Raine had far fewer subjects than last year. Her only full courses with theory and homework were Defence Against the Dark Arts and Herbology. She was enrolled in a ... more
      • Professor Xavier, apparently.Nevaeh, Sun Feb 18 09:15
        Raine was here. Nevaeh recognized the voice after this many years of having her as a best friend, but she knew it was her before she even spoke. Used to identifying by sound, Nevaeh had noticed the... more
        • And me, apparentlyRaine, Mon Feb 19 02:26
          Raine followed where Nevaeh gestured, and indeed there was Scout. She refrained from calling him over even though she’d have loved to say hello and get some doggy kisses from him but he looked like... more
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