Who has to know?
Fri Feb 16, 2018 03:38

Term was just getting underway, and Raine had far fewer subjects than last year. Her only full courses with theory and homework were Defence Against the Dark Arts and Herbology. She was enrolled in a couple of other classes just for the practical side, because apparently if she passed enough practicals that counted for halves and meant that she and Kyte might actually scrape something resembling high school certificates out of their time here, even if she couldn’t make passing grades in her given RATS courses. Plus being more adept at practical magic was just always useful. So, she sometimes had spells to practise, but she was actually solidly average at that. Now the theory had been dropped, she felt kind of comfortable in most of her classes. Even with circus practise, that left her time to do nice things like walk - just walk and enjoy.

She was out for such a stroll, arms bare to enjoy the feel of the air on her skin, and appreciating the September smells and sights of the garden, which of course she hadn’t seen for a full year. Raine was partial to spring, with its beautiful flowers, associations with new life, and tendency towards the weather which shared her name. Dancing barefoot in spring rain was one of the best feelings in the world. But she appreciated all the seasons - the change, the variety and the sense of the bigger natural world which helped her keep perspective when she felt frustrated with her schoolwork; the world was bigger than Sonora, and there were more important things than essays.

One such thing was friendship, and she was pleased to see Nevaeh sitting on one of the benches. Unusually though, she was alone. Raine usually got a two for one deal in terms of seeing friends whenever she found Nevaeh.

“Hey Nevaeh. Are you ok? Where’s Scout?” she asked, taking a seat next to her friend. She knew sometimes when Nevaeh didn’t need guiding that she let Scout off, but it was funny not seeing them together.

  • Dirty little secret Nevaeh Reed (ft. Isis Carter), Tue Feb 13 14:31
    “What?” Nevaeh, an Aladren, was usually at least a little more eloquent than that, but she was quite surprised by the information she had just received and wasn't entirely sure how to process it.... more
    • Who has to know? — Raine, Fri Feb 16 03:38
      • Professor Xavier, apparently.Nevaeh, Sun Feb 18 09:15
        Raine was here. Nevaeh recognized the voice after this many years of having her as a best friend, but she knew it was her before she even spoke. Used to identifying by sound, Nevaeh had noticed the... more
        • And me, apparentlyRaine, Mon Feb 19 02:26
          Raine followed where Nevaeh gestured, and indeed there was Scout. She refrained from calling him over even though she’d have loved to say hello and get some doggy kisses from him but he looked like... more
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