Professor Xavier, apparently.
Sun Feb 18, 2018 09:15

Raine was here. Nevaeh recognized the voice after this many years of having her as a best friend, but she knew it was her before she even spoke. Used to identifying by sound, Nevaeh had noticed the way people she knew walked. Isis’s footsteps, for example, were sharp and quick, as she was always moving with purpose. Raine was among the quietest that Nevaeh could identify, always so light on her feet. So the low noise meant that it was either her or someone very, very small, like a prairie elf or an exceptionally tiny first year. The Aladren logically knew what was more likely.

“Scout’s playing in the leaves over there,” she answered, pointing in the direction she heard the most crumpling sounds and saw occasional flashes of blurs. Nevaeh heard in her own voice her apparent discontentment - a resounding anger and sparkles of sadness, the kind of hot mix that could only be called “upset” - and figured she should probably regard her friend’s other question, the one about her.

“And I’m… well, not really,” the sixth year sighed. Raine’s word had been “Okay”, and Nevaeh was not that. “I just had this big fight with my-” She stopped suddenly, catching herself. But then she thought about the fight itself, and what it was about, and why she was upset at all. Then she decided that she didn’t care anymore.

“With my mother,” she finished. “My birth mother. Isis Carter.” It felt good to say it out loud, both because it was a quiet little revenge and also because she’d never gotten to say it out loud before. “Isis is my biological mother,” she reiterated. “And I’m not supposed to tell anybody, because she didn’t want people to treat me differently or something. But, like, surprise! They’ve already got a reasons to do that. I’m blind, and I’m black. I know I already stick out. Anyway, I’ve always kinda felt like it was more for her own sake, so that people wouldn’t look at her differently, because of how young she was.”

“She specifically wanted to talk to me to give me updates on her personal life, like we’re just a normal family. But we aren’t. It’s just when it’s convenient to her.” Nevaeh paused. “She’s dating Professor Xavier, by the way. That was the ‘big news’ she thought I should know.”

  • Who has to know?Raine, Fri Feb 16 03:38
    Term was just getting underway, and Raine had far fewer subjects than last year. Her only full courses with theory and homework were Defence Against the Dark Arts and Herbology. She was enrolled in a ... more
    • Professor Xavier, apparently. — Nevaeh, Sun Feb 18 09:15
      • And me, apparentlyRaine, Mon Feb 19 02:26
        Raine followed where Nevaeh gestured, and indeed there was Scout. She refrained from calling him over even though she’d have loved to say hello and get some doggy kisses from him but he looked like... more
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