And me, apparently
Mon Feb 19, 2018 02:26

Raine followed where Nevaeh gestured, and indeed there was Scout. She refrained from calling him over even though she’d have loved to say hello and get some doggy kisses from him but he looked like he was having a lot of fun. Scout worked hard, and there were a lot of times when he got to say hello and snuggle with Raine, but probably not quite so many when he got to frolic in a big pile of leaves.

She gave her attention instead to Nevaeh, carefully listening as Nevaeh hesitated and stumbled over her first few words before it all came out in a rush. And ‘all’ was a lot. Professor Carter was? Wow. And she and Professor Xavier were? Oh. That was an awful lot to take in, and Raine really wasn’t sure how to feel about any of it. Although how she felt about it mattered a lot less right now. How Nevaeh felt was much more important, and the answer obviously was not great.

“Oh… Nevaeh…” Raine reached out taking her friend’s hand and squeezing it. A moment passed. “I… I have my thinking face on,” Raine added, because she knew that Nevaeh didn’t know that, although she would know she hadn’t disappeared entirely because she was still holding her hand. Raine knew she had to say something to make all of that better but… well, that was a challenge.

“It’s not nice when people treat you different in a bad way,” she sympathised, because that point was the easiest, although she wasn’t really sure how much it was bothering Nevaeh compared to the rest. “Um…” She had always liked Professor Carter, but she wasn’t sure that was the right thing to say because it seemed like right now Nevaeh didn’t very much. “That’s really complicated. I… I don’t really know how to help, but if I can do anything to make it better, you know I will,” she offered, feeling it was the best she could do, although it didn’t feel like very much.

  • Professor Xavier, apparently.Nevaeh, Sun Feb 18 09:15
    Raine was here. Nevaeh recognized the voice after this many years of having her as a best friend, but she knew it was her before she even spoke. Used to identifying by sound, Nevaeh had noticed the... more
    • And me, apparently — Raine, Mon Feb 19 02:26
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