I think your problems may be more serious than mine.
Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:04

The noise stopped, but it took Nathaniel a moment to notice that it had done so. Even with his hands over his ears, the noise rang on, keeping his eardrums vibrating even after the cessation of the stimulus which had started them off. As he realized that he was only hearing echoes, though, he slowly lowered his hands and looked up to see his deliverer.

It was not, to his relief, a teacher. Instead, it was a girl - older than him, and very pretty. With her fair hair and delicate features and blue eyes, she looked like an angel, an impression helped by the fact he was pretty sure it was her shouted spell which had just made the noise stop. Finite incantatem; they had learned this in class. He had somehow made a building block start shrieking like a teakettle in that class. What was wrong with him? Making noise was not something he set out to do - he supposed it had been convenient in this case, it had drawn someone’s attention so he could hopefully get back to the building, but he hadn’t meant to do it, and now he felt stupid for not remembering how to shut it off himself, and -

“Thank you,” he said in a very small voice, just above a whisper. He flushed with embarrassment as he slowly stood up again. “I don’t - I don’t know what happened. I mean, I think it was an accident - I got lost and - “ he stopped talking, turning redder, and then tried to start over. “Thank you,” he said again, bowing slightly to her.

  • Just... lostCleo James, Tue Feb 27 06:46
    Cleo had no idea what to do. Parker’s last letter… She didn’t know what to think. He was being so kind… He kept saying that he’d understand… But it was so hard to believe. And there had been that... more
    • I think your problems may be more serious than mine. — Nathaniel, Tue Feb 27 11:04
      • “Uh… that’s ok,” Cleo nodded, as the boy not only thanked her but did so twice and actually also kinda bowed. He also seemed to think he’d done the thing with the sparks, which she supposed sort of... more
        • I'll do my best. Thanks for the advice.Nathaniel, Wed Feb 28 18:21
          Nathaniel nodded when the girl asked if he’d like her to show him the way back to the school. “Yes, please,” he said. “I came out to take pictures and write some letters, but I - I didn’t keep track... more
          • “This place is kinda big. It can be really confusing at first,” Cleo nodded, when he started mumbling about how he’d ended up lost. He seemed pretty embarrassed about the whole thing. Cleo was an... more
            • The girl did not seem to think Nathaniel was an utter idiot. This was good. Possibly untrue, but good. Aside from concern for the family, there was also the small issue of Nathaniel just not wanting... more
              • “Yeah. The outside is nice,” Cleo agreed, a little awkwardly. She wanted to make sure the kid was ok, but she was finding it kind of hard to keep up a conversation, she had to admit. It just all felt ... more
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