I'll do my best. Thanks for the advice.
Wed Feb 28, 2018 18:21

Nathaniel nodded when the girl asked if he’d like her to show him the way back to the school. “Yes, please,” he said. “I came out to take pictures and write some letters, but I - I didn’t keep track of all the turns I was taking.”

HIs voice got slightly smaller as he progressed through this speech, as it made him feel intensely stupid. For one thing, the labyrinth couldn’t be as complicated as it looked - they wouldn’t let students out into a maze that could really get them permanently lost and kill them. For another, what kind of idiot went out without knowing his path? It was irresponsible and stupid of him, and now he looked like a fool in front of an older student. It was all wrong.

“I’m Nathaniel,” he said as he gathered up his camera and his writing box, thinking he had to say something but leaving his surname out because he really did not want the Mordue name associated with such idiocy. Maybe she would forget him altogether before they had an occasion where his surname came up, if such an occasion ever did occur at all. “I’m - one of the first years,” he added, as this might partially excuse him in her eyes, maybe. His tutors had assured him he would often look and feel stupid as a first year. So far, they were right.

  • “Uh… that’s ok,” Cleo nodded, as the boy not only thanked her but did so twice and actually also kinda bowed. He also seemed to think he’d done the thing with the sparks, which she supposed sort of... more
    • I'll do my best. Thanks for the advice. — Nathaniel, Wed Feb 28 18:21
      • “This place is kinda big. It can be really confusing at first,” Cleo nodded, when he started mumbling about how he’d ended up lost. He seemed pretty embarrassed about the whole thing. Cleo was an... more
        • The girl did not seem to think Nathaniel was an utter idiot. This was good. Possibly untrue, but good. Aside from concern for the family, there was also the small issue of Nathaniel just not wanting... more
          • “Yeah. The outside is nice,” Cleo agreed, a little awkwardly. She wanted to make sure the kid was ok, but she was finding it kind of hard to keep up a conversation, she had to admit. It just all felt ... more
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