I'm afraid it's likely out of your control.
Fri Mar 2, 2018 19:41

“This place is kinda big. It can be really confusing at first,” Cleo nodded, when he started mumbling about how he’d ended up lost. He seemed pretty embarrassed about the whole thing. Cleo was an only child, and at her elementary school her combination of slight quietness and china doll features had had her fussed over by other people. She had had a slight go at wearing the big girl boots last year when she’d met Parker, and had to find a way to get him involved in their Potions scavenger hunt, helping him to feel like he could contribute. But that had still been fun, and (looking back) relatively easy. This was a whole other level. She guessed as she moved up the school, she was going to have to get used to being the responsible older student… Faced with a frightened child, she was subconsciously using the voice she did with small and easily startled assignments that they got in Care of Magical Creatures. And it was impossible to be as cold and shut down as she had been whilst talking in that tone.

“I didn’t find my way for a while,” she continued, finding it felt almost nice to keep chit-chatting. “But I liked to think of it as exploring. I’m guessing you’re not a Pecari?” she asked, still smiling, “I mean, nor am I, but I still like to think of it that way.

“I’m Cleo,” she told him. She had guessed he was a first year, seeing as he was lost and she didn’t recognise him. “Third year. Crotalus,” she added.

  • I'll do my best. Thanks for the advice.Nathaniel, Wed Feb 28 18:21
    Nathaniel nodded when the girl asked if he’d like her to show him the way back to the school. “Yes, please,” he said. “I came out to take pictures and write some letters, but I - I didn’t keep track... more
    • I'm afraid it's likely out of your control. — Cleo, Fri Mar 2 19:41
      • The girl did not seem to think Nathaniel was an utter idiot. This was good. Possibly untrue, but good. Aside from concern for the family, there was also the small issue of Nathaniel just not wanting... more
        • “Yeah. The outside is nice,” Cleo agreed, a little awkwardly. She wanted to make sure the kid was ok, but she was finding it kind of hard to keep up a conversation, she had to admit. It just all felt ... more
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