Can't work worse than it did for the first guy to say it...
Tue Mar 6, 2018 15:55

Nathaniel nodded a little, deciding that Cleo not really knowing Simon was overall a neutral thing. “Of course,” he said as she explained why she didn’t really know the fourth years, though he did wonder if this meant Simon wasn’t doing it right - he really shouldn’t just hang out with his roommates, should he? He was supposed to get to know people. Make connections. Winston and Victor were a good start, but just that - a start.

His curiosity was piqued by her mention of cousins somewhere else - what did that mean? - but she quickly changed the subject and he didn’t push it. He didn’t, now that he thought about it, want to answer too many questions about his family - for a moment, busy with being confused and alarmed and then relieved and then worried about other things, he had almost forgotten about...stuff.

“I do,” he agreed when she asked if he liked taking photographs. “I like that it - it’s like it can keep something the way it is,” said Nathaniel, not sure he was explaining himself correctly, feeling it out - he had never really talked about his hobby before, but it was a way to keep conversation going. “I like gardening, too - I used to help Mama with her roses - and you can take pictures all the time while they’re changing every season,” he said, thinking that was a better way to go since it tied in with something Cleo had said she was interested in, and didn’t involve the fact that he still kept old pictures, pictures from Before, and sometimes liked to go through them and pretend that he was still in some of all the different Theres instead of Here, now.

  • “Yeah. The outside is nice,” Cleo agreed, a little awkwardly. She wanted to make sure the kid was ok, but she was finding it kind of hard to keep up a conversation, she had to admit. It just all felt ... more
    • Can't work worse than it did for the first guy to say it... — Nathaniel, Tue Mar 6 15:55
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