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Cleo James
New Year's Revelations (tag Parker)
Fri Apr 27, 2018 06:45

It was December thirty-first. There was due to be a party on the pitch with fireworks in the evening, in order to welcome in the New Year. Time for fresh starts and resolutions and all that… Cleo definitely wanted things to change, although she wasn’t sure exactly how to put the idea into words… She needed to tell Parker though, she knew that much. Telling him was not the resolution itself, although it needed plenty of resolve. But she wanted next year to be different, and she knew that this needed to be resolved for that to be possible. Whether Parker stuck with her or not, she needed to get this done, and then get a fresh start at midnight.

She had been sick at the start of the holidays, shortly after setting the Crotalus table on fire. At first, she had freaked out at the idea of taking medications designed for humans - what if they weren’t suitable for her and something weird happened? - but as the medic had pointed out, she had taken them plenty of times before with no ill effect; she was different, no less human than she had been then, the only difference now was that she knew. In some senses, that wasn’t totally true… From a safety point of view about potion consumption, it probably was - anything she’d taken before was clearly safe. Socially… it wasn’t entirely accurate, because how people reacted to her was going to change as she got older, and she was going to have some decidedly non-human effects on them. But what the medic had said had still struck a chord with her. She wasn’t any less human than she had been before…

She had asked Parker to meet her for a walk. She still wasn’t really sure how she was going to tell him. She’d gone through it a bunch of different ways in her head and they all seemed either stupid or just… inarticulate. Ranging from the blunt ’Hi. I’m not entirely human to ’So, I guess I’m not responsible for all the weird things going on this year which would logically lead on to questions of why she might have been but was a bit obtuse, and also, she still didn’t know how to say it when it finally got to that point. How did you say that to someone?

She met him on the steps, and led the way into the gardens chattering about the gardens and the plants - the snow! So, unusual. It was neat, huh? And she brushed some of it off the leaves with her fingers - her whole demeanour distracted and nervous. Once they’d got a little bit away from the school (but not out of sight of one of the elves, who “just happened” to be gardening in that area), she slowed her pace, her chattering petering out into silence too. After playing with the snow, she’d shoved her hands into her jacket pockets to keep them warm, and now she balled them into fists, feeling the nails digging into her palm, trying to give herself focus.

“Parker… When you reading about creepy creatures at the start of the year. Did you… did you read anything about veela?” she asked. She hadn’t mentioned them directly in her letters, she’d been too scared to. The closest she’d come were harpies. But they were probably in similar books, and maybe he’d come across them…

  • ****Midterm Over**** (nm)Headmaster Brockert, Tue Apr 24 04:24
    • New Year's Revelations (tag Parker) — Cleo James, Fri Apr 27 06:45
      • New Year, Same YouParker Fitzgerald, Tue May 1 11:03
        December 31st seemed like it was going to be a good day. Parker hadn't been able to give Cleo her present yet, because he wanted to do it in person, and he hadn't seen her since the end of term. He... more
        • Ok. So. He didn’t know… Which meant that it was probably good that she’d not just come out and said she was half veela, cos that would have just been met with a blank stare. Although now she had the... more
          • Hrmmm... wanna know a secret? That's being a teenagerParker Fitzgerald, Thu May 3 09:14
            Cleo was still serious, but she was talking about these bird creatures in such a way that Parker used as much will power as he had not to look at Cleo incredulously. He didn't get the point. It... more
            • I don't think it's just thatCleo, Fri May 4 08:36
              “Huh?” Cleo asked, when Parker mentioned something called a jayjay. He seemed to be figuring out how to explain, so she waited… Partly because she wanted to know what he understood about this whole... more
              • But it's a little that tooParker, Fri May 11 08:23
                He could tell from her face and her voice that he had mixed up her thoughts. He had obviously derailed her from her conversation. Her voice, which had sounded so determined before was shaking. That... more
                • Keep back and no one gets hurtCleo, Sat May 12 21:33
                  “But is he still at home in the holidays? Are you… are you safe from him?” she pressed. She had enough contact with the Muggle world to understand what military school meant, more or less. Being... more
                  • You can hurt me, by disappearing againParker Fitzgerald, Tue May 22 13:49
                    As Parker let go of Cleo, even though hugging her had made him feel better, he saw how stiff and tense she looked. He didn't know if he had done something wrong, and upon seeing her, had immediately... more
                    • Or with fire. Or mind control.Cleo, Fri May 25 07:04
                      What Parker said was, for the most part, comfortingly sensible. He wasn’t coming out with trite cliches, or trying to tell her there was nothing wrong her. He got the problem. He acknowledged that... more
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