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Parker Fitzgerald
New Year, Same You
Tue May 1, 2018 11:03

December 31st seemed like it was going to be a good day.
Parker hadn't been able to give Cleo her present yet, because he wanted to do it in person, and he hadn't seen her since the end of term.

He wasn't sure if she had gotten sick like he had. If this was the case, he understood why she had not come out for any of the parties. Still, he was a bit sad to have had to wait to give her the present. So when Parker got the invitation from Cleo to go for a walk in the garden he almost skipped down the steps to the Pecari Commons.

He rooted around a while to find his warm shoes since it had been snowing outside. Thought once he put them on he realized he'd forgotten his present and ran back upstairs. He felt bad for wearing his shoes in his room, but he also didn't want to spend the time to take them off and then put them on again so he tried to quickly and cleanly get what he needed. Having grabbed the present, he slipped it into his coat pocket and ran outside trying to make sure he got to the steps of the school before Cleo did, not wanting to indicate that his common room was in the garden itself.

Parker got to the stairs and sat down waiting for Cleo. It was colder that normal, and it felt weird because it was always warm. But the reminded him of home around this time of year at home. The dry cold that would bring snow and frost. He could almost imagine hearing the trees in the mountains behind his house cracking, sounding like gun's going off. Parker was busy smiling out at the white and green of the garden when Cleo came up beside him. He smiled up at her. The she started talking and they began walking into the garden.

She was talking so much that Parker couldn't get an word in edgewise and decided to just walk and listen. He had to agree that the snow in the gardens was lovely. Parker liked all kinds of different weather, and was never really upset but it when he had to come into the main building for class. But the snow added something the gardens.

Still, something seemed off. Cleo seemed... distracted. She was still her smiling and some times enthusiastic self, but was not fully there. As Cleo slowed down in the conversation, Parker reached into his pocket to pull out the present he'd made.

Cleo looked determined though, the look made a ball of anxiousness appear in the pit of his stomach. Something was definitely going to happen. Tt seemed like she was going to say something important, but also seemed like she was preparing for him to simply walk away. Maybe she was going to ask him to the ball. Or maybe she was going with someone else. Both thoughts immediately sent Parker into a bit of a panic. Not sure which one he wanted, but fairly certain he did not like the idea of him going without Cleo. Parker arched his eyebrow at Cleo waiting.

The question was not at all what he was expecting, much to his relief. He let out an audible breath before turning to the question.

"Wow... umm. Veela..." Parker thought for a bit. He'd read about the creatures that Cleo had talked about, and he'd looked at some of the other creatures in the main book he'd, but Veela didn't sound familiar. Parker assumed it was because he hadn't really gotten past the M's in the big book of monsters and where to find them he had read in the library. But Cleo looked so focused that Parker wanted to reassure her in someway.

"I might have?" Parker looked at Cleo and realized he couldn't lie to her, "Probably not though. I don't like sitting down with books normally." Parker kicked some of the snow on the ground with his warm boots. Boots he'd made even warmer using the transfiguration lesson from last year. Suddenly his head popped back up.

"Why? What is a Veela?"

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