Parker Fitzgerald
Hrmmm... wanna know a secret? That's being a teenager
Thu May 3, 2018 09:14

Cleo was still serious, but she was talking about these bird creatures in such a way that Parker used as much will power as he had not to look at Cleo incredulously. He didn't get the point.

It sounded like these creatures were shape-shifters of some sort, ones that could breath fire. No no she had said throw fire. Maybe Parker had been playing too much DnD in the library because his first thought was, maybe they are just dragons. That momentarily stopped his inner monologue for a second. Parker realized for the first time that dragons might actually be real. Like really real. Here they were talking about Veelas and Parker had never thought that maybe the animals he'd always thought were made up... weren't.

Now she was talking about hypnotizing someone. That sounded odd. Though Parker could see that there might be benefits in it. Like in those superhero movies, where Hulk gets hypnotized to go to turn back into not Hulk. But the way Cleo said this, it sounded like these creatures don't always want to hypnotize people, sometimes it just kind of happens. Like his magic before he came to the school.

Then she started talking about monsters. Ones that are more scary on the outside than on the inside. And how the one's who are scary on the inside are scarier. Parker nodded his head in agreement and blurted out, "Like JJ."

Parker paused. He'd talked to Cleo about Lyssa, but he wasn't sure he'd ever talked about his brother. It'd never felt right, but now that he'd said John's name out loud, he figured he should explain.

"Umm... so kind of similar, but not magical, and I think 100% human. I have an older brother," Parker stopped. He didn't know how to explain everything. How he and his sister hid from John Jr. How his parents didn't know about his violence until they found out about Parker's magic.

Parker realized he'd taken a long pause and that it might be a bit awkward since Cleo was talking about something obviously important and Parker had butted in.

"Umm... ya. do I explain..." Parker could feel something bubbling up from inside of him, and could feel the sting of tears forming. "Best is an example I guess. So umm the day the wizard came to tell my parents that I was going to come here," Parker took a deep breath, trying to regain control of his voice which was starting to waver, "John Jr. pulled a knife on me and my sister, in front of my parents as if he again was going to..." Parker didn't know how to finish, and a part of him hoped that it would explain enough to get it out of the way.

Parker put his hands back in his pockets and looked down at the snow crunching under their feet. He could feel some of the tears on his face, but could feel his voice coming back under his control.

"What I was trying to say is I know about monsters who look normal on the outside. Though not throwing fire sort, I know what you mean."

Parker's hand closed around his gift for Cleo. He had hoped to give her a gift, and instead had told her something that he'd tried to hide. Parker realized that he felt better after telling Cleo, but also, that he was now worried about what it would bring.

  • Ok. So. He didn’t know… Which meant that it was probably good that she’d not just come out and said she was half veela, cos that would have just been met with a blank stare. Although now she had the... more
    • Hrmmm... wanna know a secret? That's being a teenager — Parker Fitzgerald, Thu May 3 09:14
      • I don't think it's just thatCleo, Fri May 4 08:36
        “Huh?” Cleo asked, when Parker mentioned something called a jayjay. He seemed to be figuring out how to explain, so she waited… Partly because she wanted to know what he understood about this whole... more
        • But it's a little that tooParker, Fri May 11 08:23
          He could tell from her face and her voice that he had mixed up her thoughts. He had obviously derailed her from her conversation. Her voice, which had sounded so determined before was shaking. That... more
          • Keep back and no one gets hurtCleo, Sat May 12 21:33
            “But is he still at home in the holidays? Are you… are you safe from him?” she pressed. She had enough contact with the Muggle world to understand what military school meant, more or less. Being... more
            • You can hurt me, by disappearing againParker Fitzgerald, Tue May 22 13:49
              As Parker let go of Cleo, even though hugging her had made him feel better, he saw how stiff and tense she looked. He didn't know if he had done something wrong, and upon seeing her, had immediately... more
              • Or with fire. Or mind control.Cleo, Fri May 25 07:04
                What Parker said was, for the most part, comfortingly sensible. He wasn’t coming out with trite cliches, or trying to tell her there was nothing wrong her. He got the problem. He acknowledged that... more
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