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But it's a little that too
Fri May 11, 2018 08:23

He could tell from her face and her voice that he had mixed up her thoughts. He had obviously derailed her from her conversation. Her voice, which had sounded so determined before was shaking. That wasn't Parker's intent, he merely meant to show that he understood what Cleo was saying, and the words had simply come out.

Parker paused after Cleo's question trying to think about how to turn the conversation back around to what she was saying before he'd interrupted her. But his pause wasn't obviously the best description of what had happened to JJ.

"Umm... I came here to Sonora, and John Jr got sent to military school. It's I think like Sonora in that it's not at home, but different in that you learn non-magical things. My parents hope it will help him in some way. My sister therefore has been home for the last few years by herself. Though that's going to change now... anyways..." Parker turned to Cleo taking his hands out of his pockets and wrapping his arms around her in a big hug, "Thank you for listening." Parker felt calm and relaxed in a way he hadn't in a long while.

He let go of his hug and wiped his face. His tears had stopped just as quickly as they had started, and Parker wanted to move on with the conversation they had been having since it had sounded important to Cleo.

"Sorry. I umm, got us off track..." Parker took a deep breath, "You were saying something about Veela's? It sounded important..."

Parker had no idea how to get the conversation there were having back to where they had been, but hoped he hadn't just killed it.

  • I don't think it's just thatCleo, Fri May 4 08:36
    “Huh?” Cleo asked, when Parker mentioned something called a jayjay. He seemed to be figuring out how to explain, so she waited… Partly because she wanted to know what he understood about this whole... more
    • But it's a little that too — Parker, Fri May 11 08:23
      • Keep back and no one gets hurtCleo, Sat May 12 21:33
        “But is he still at home in the holidays? Are you… are you safe from him?” she pressed. She had enough contact with the Muggle world to understand what military school meant, more or less. Being... more
        • You can hurt me, by disappearing againParker Fitzgerald, Tue May 22 13:49
          As Parker let go of Cleo, even though hugging her had made him feel better, he saw how stiff and tense she looked. He didn't know if he had done something wrong, and upon seeing her, had immediately... more
          • Or with fire. Or mind control.Cleo, Fri May 25 07:04
            What Parker said was, for the most part, comfortingly sensible. He wasn’t coming out with trite cliches, or trying to tell her there was nothing wrong her. He got the problem. He acknowledged that... more
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