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Parker Fitzgerald
Enjoying the Sun
Sat Jun 30, 2018 15:54

The sun was out and the gardens were in full bloom. Parker had been helping clean up some of the Labyrinth earlier in the week, and was going to be studying for finals later that day, but now, at this exact moment, he'd planned on doing nothing.

He'd taken his Herbology book with him just in case he ran into a plant he didn't know. It still happened from time to time, and he was sure there were lots of plants he mistook for others, but Parker had found that he enjoyed learning about plants. Mainly because it meant he could be outside a lot. He'd taken the book though for a pillow. He planned to find a spot to lay down and feel the warmth of the sun on his body.

Parker slowly walked through the Labyrinth one hand brushing the leaves of the hedges, the other wrapped around his book as he felt the sun beating down on his face. This year had been tough. He had been stuck inside the school for the entire year. Not inside of buildings, but not able to leave and see other places. Not able to roam. At the lowest point, just before New Year when Cleo had told him her secret, he'd felt almost like a caged animal. A pig maybe, or maybe a dog. Something that once had a wild ancestor that roamed, but was now stuck inside a confined space.

But this, the gardens, had been his escape every time the anxiousness of being cooped up had become too much. He'd been able, no matter the weather, to go outside and just wander the gardens. Though he knew much of the gardens, he always found something new. A new plant, or new places even.
Parker still wanted to make a map. A map of the garden and the things in it so he could go back to secret places he’d found, or find out if there were easier ways to get from one point to another. He thought about the map for a moment, and pushed it aside. Today was not for that. Today was for relaxing.

As he walked towards a secluded bench he knew of on the other side of the garden from the entrance to his house, he thought of how this year was almost at an end, and what that meant for next year. Next year, when Lyssa would probably appear. He could head his mother in his head telling him to make sure she was safe, and he could feel his father’s gaze as well. But Parker knew it would be as it had always been. He’d protect her when he could, even when she didn’t know he was doing so. At the same time though, she’d protect him, as she’d done when Parker had found out that his ability to turn off lights wasn’t something everyone could do. Still, a part of him liked being here without his family. Though if anyone from his family should come to the school, Parker was glad it was Lyssa.

With his book in his hand Parker veered left and went towards the bench. Laying down on it he put the book behind his head. It wasn’t quite as comfortable as he’d thought it would be so he took off his t-shirt and bundled it up on top of the book, laying back down.

Parker’s mind began to wander again. Over classes and Quidditch practices. The exercises he’d been putting himself through to try and get bigger to no avail. The upcoming ball and what that might be like.
He was startled out of his day dreaming by footsteps and he sat up from the prone position he’d been on the bench and looked around, forgetting that he had his shirt off.

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