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Kir McLeod
Sounds like fun
Sun Jul 8, 2018 06:58

Kir had been hitting the books relatively hard. He was only a fourth year, so he didn’t have major exams but he took his end of year class tests pretty seriously. Still though, he knew next year would be worse. Next year, he would have to slave away every second, and whilst he wanted to do well this year, it was easy to tell himself he had done enough and that he should balance it out with having a break while he had the chance. He had started feeling drowsy as he bent over his Potions revision, and had decided that definitely meant he needed to stretch his legs, and so he had ventured outside.

Expecting the unexpected was kind of par for the course at Sonora, especially this year with all the accidental magic going around, but Kir was still a little surprised when he rounded a corner in the paths and found one of his D&D buddies shirtless. He blinked and did a doubletake, although the situation didn’t bother him beyond being surprising - if the kid had that much body confidence, then good on him. And it wasn’t like being shirtless was completely unheard of at Sonora, it was just usually confined to the MARS swimming room. The general lack of clothes involved there had crossed his mind more than once when thinking about Zevalyn... Kir couldn’t deny a certain amount of curiosity about what was underneath her school uniform, and the fact that proposing a swimming date in MARS might let him get to find out a bit more about that had definitely occurred to him. However, he wasn’t entirely sure where him and Zev alone together in swimwear might lead. He knew a few of the scenarios that had occurred to him, and they were definitely fun to think about, but he wasn’t quite sure he was ready to encounter them in real life just yet.

“Hey Nefrig,” he greeted. He had begun to separate out Amber from Zevalyn a little more, because he wasn’t really sure that her D&D character was someone he would get on with - Erevan certainly didn’t seem to see eye to eye with her too often in the game, and they’d had a bit of fun trading quips across the table. However, he tended to think of the rest of the D&D gang by their character names more often than their real ones. “Didn’t figure dwarves were big on sunbathing,” he grinned.

OOC - Comments about Erevan and Amber’s attitudes based on the live session from the other day, which will hopefully make it to a post soon, and which I am taking to be representative of how their characters interact

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