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Ness McLeod
It's not my preferred friend-making technique
Sat Jul 21, 2018 05:22

Ness stepped off the wagon and into the gardens. Finally! It felt like it had taken forever to get here – both in terms of the wagon journey that day, which had been pretty long, but more in the sense of waiting to be old enough, of waving Kir off on September the first for the last four years…. Now, finally, they both got to board the wagon, both got to attend Sonora.

“Good luck,” Kir smiled, “Try not to get anyone pissed at you on you first day,” he advised. Ness replied to this with a glare, and with a shrug, the older McLeod sibling sloped off in search of his girlfriend. Ness felt the advice was unfair. The bigger issue was other people. If other people were bigots, then they needed and deserved having that pointed out, whether or not it annoyed them. Kir was so Teppenpaw about everything – we all need to be nice and get along. Ness didn’t see the value in being nice to people who were fundamentally horrible human beings.

All of the first years were ushered along a clearly labelled pathway, congregating in a clearing. Kir had said it would be Professor Xavier, his Head of House greeting them, but it was actually Professor Wright. Ness knew this before the teacher even began talking, having studied Kir’s yearbooks in order to know who taught what before arriving. Kir had also been asked to give a description of each of the teachers, along with any particularly interesting or undesirable classmates, and to answer about a billion other questions. Being prepared was important.

Kir had assured Ness that Professor Wright was both pleasant and interesting. So far, he was scoring one out of two of those for Ness, and it wasn’t the one that the first year valued the most… He seemed to be speaking to them like they were idiots or infants, even though they were now boarding school students, which really made them quite grown up. Also, having an older sibling to pester for details, meant that Ness already knew basically everything he was saying. As a rule, Ness always listened with good attention to everything a teacher was saying, and so Professor Wright got nothing less than full attention. Internally though, was the feeling that the speech could not be over soon enough and would have been better if it had been delivered at twice the speed.

Once it was done, the snack table seemed like a good bet. There were quite a few tasty treats, although Ness was possibly a bit weird in that the sandwiches appealed more than the cookies. Savoury was better than sweet, and cheese was life. People often thought it should be paired with ham though, which was wrong. And ham was so sneaky, because it was flat and it could be snuck in there without being readily apparent from the outside. However, carefully peeling open the sandwich revealed it to be entirely safe for consumption. This operation had just been completed, when someone spoke. A fellow first year who had also decided that snacking was a major priority.

Ness evaluated this yearmate. If, prior to starting Sonora, a survey had been handed out about desirable vs undesirable qualities in people, make-up wearing would easily have made Ness’ list, firmly in the ‘undesirable’ column. But the person, Evelyn, was wearing bright orange lipstick. Although Ness was pretty unfamiliar with what was supposed to be on trend, bright orange lipstick seemed like it was always going to be a pretty revolutionary choice. So, Evelyn might perhaps be someone who thought for herself, which was firmly in the ‘desirable’ column.

"I'm Ness," came the reply, followed by the observation "Your lipstick is interesting." This was said with a smile and a positive tone of voice but Ness was aware enough of the stupid social convention of using the word - one that should have been automatically an indication of praise if the world was at all logical - as a put down, so this was immediately followed with the clarification, “Which is a compliment, in my book.”
Ness’ own appearance might have earnt the same adjective although for very different reasons, treading as it did that ambiguous line between being a slightly feminine boy or a rather masculine girl. The long eyelashes framing green-blue eyes were the most feminine feature, but the short hair - sticking up from having a hand run through it - suggested boy. Seeing as they were all being forced to don the shapeless green school robes, clothes were not currently much of an indicator either way, although Ness’ probably differed from most people’s in that, where there currently was space for a house badge, there was a pin with a rainbow on it and the words ‘The McLeod Foundation.’

“It’s cool to be here at last, right?”

(OOC - this post includes the actions of Ness' sibling, Kir, as well as I write both of them, so it's not "writing for someone else's character").

  • Is it too soon to throw up?Evelyn Stones, Fri Jul 20 19:17
    Evelyn peered at the bespectacled wizard as he finished his introductory speeches, and then at her peers. She wasn't sure what to make of any of it. Her eyes fell, as they tended to, on the food and... more
    • It's not my preferred friend-making technique — Ness McLeod, Sat Jul 21 05:22
      • "Interesting" indeedEvelyn Stones, Sat Jul 21 12:15
        Evelyn smirked and then smiled. "Yeah," she said. "I guess so." Evelyn hadn't said it before, but she supposed it was actually pretty cool that they were finally at Sonora. It was certainly better... more
        • Curioser and curiouserNess McLeod, Sat Jul 21 12:36
          “Odd is probably a compliment too, if I say it,” Ness nodded, finding that so far, Evelyn seemed to be a likeable person. Someone who valued words like ‘odd’ and ‘interesting’ over and above ‘nice’... more
          • Re: Curioser and curiouserAnonymous, Sat Jul 21 13:23
            (OOC-- Thank you, I definitely forgot to count and panicked and ahhh!!) Evelyn was intimidated to meet someone whose family was obviously entrenched in the school's culture, but also wondered if it... more
            • Cheesy jokesNess, Sat Jul 21 22:25
              (OOC - no worries. Posts also have this sneaky habit of looking longer than they are until you click ‘submit!’) IC “Professor Wright,” Ness reminded Evelyn, when she referred to the teacher as ‘that... more
              • The best sorts of peopleEvelyn Stones, Sun Jul 22 03:31
                Evelyn smiled. And then she kept smiling. "I think you're a pretty good person, Ness," she decided, grateful that growing up in the company of adults made it easy enough to be forthcoming about such... more
                • We are indeed Ness McLeod, Sun Jul 22 04:36
                  “Thanks,” Ness beamed, really genuinely touched by Evelyn’s compliment. Ness felt like a good person - a believer in all things good and fair, like equality and human rights and stuff. It wasn’t... more
                  • With sandwiches like theseEvelyn Stones, Sun Jul 22 11:30
                    Things were looking up and Evelyn was pretty satisfied she wouldn't be kicked out anytime soon. She was still dreading the idea of sitting in class and just hoping she could produce some acceptable... more
                    • ..who needs enemies?Ness, Mon Jul 23 08:31
                      “Ok, hope you’re sitting comfortably,” Ness grinned, when invited to go first in the telling of life stories. “I grew up in Vermont. It’s pretty nice. There’s trees and mountains and the world’s best ... more
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