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Cheesy jokes
Sat Jul 21, 2018 22:25

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“Professor Wright,” Ness reminded Evelyn, when she referred to the teacher as ‘that guy.’ Evelyn’s assessment that Ness knew quite a lot was accurate, and she would probably quickly discover that another trait was the inability to not share said information, even without being asked. Ness regarded this as being helpful (ok, and there was also an element of enjoying knowing things and showing off said knowledge - Aladren was calling for a reason), although having been to elementary school, Ness understood that other children did not always regard this as a good thing. Other children were stupid and annoying a lot of the time.

“Hm. I’ve never heard of Crotalus being about ‘preparedness.’ Maybe he’s just trying to be polite or make it sound less stuffy than it really is. I thought it was about following rules and regarding yourself as respectable. I am the least respectable person I know, and darn proud of it, so I definitely won’t be going there. Aladren’s way better,” Ness explained, unable to maintain an unbiased analysis. Ness’ father had come from a proper Pureblood family but he had run away from home, following in the footsteps of his sister, who had run away to live a life of love and sin with her school roommate. Proper Scottish Purebloods did not approve of this sort of thing, and so it had been a choice between true love and remaining part of the family. Ness thought it was pretty much the best story ever. Aunt Catriona had definitely made the smart choice in running off to marry Aunt Lola, who was the flat out most awesome person in the universe, and Dad was… well, he had given up a life of wealth and comfort for a different kind of love, for the love of his sister. Some people (snotty Purebloods) probably thought that having a disowned parent was just about the worst thing imaginable but Ness was really proud to be part of the (new and disreputable branch of the once proper) McLeod family. They kicked all kinds of butt.

“Of course it will,” Ness assured Evelyn, when she seemed worried about her badge not changing colour. Ness was rather taken aback by the worry, and by the strength of it, because it seemed to come out of nowhere and be a really strange thing to worry about. But Evelyn knew a lot less about the school, and combined with this insecurity, the knut dropped. Maybe she was Muggleborn. Muggleborn, and had heard that some people didn’t like that… Ness was not, on the whole, a very feelingsy person. But championing an underdog was a different matter, and that was definitely in the new first year’s skillset. “You belong here. And one of the houses will want you. Like… it’s personality based. You can’t fail at that - everyone has a personality. Especially people who show up to their first day of school wearing orange lipstick.

“Cheese is life,” Ness concurred, when Evelyn turned her attention and conversation to the sandwich instead, “Though I’m not sure what house cheese-loving relates to. Maybe that’s just the universal trait that’s supposed to bring us all together in spite of our differences.”

  • Re: Curioser and curiouserAnonymous, Sat Jul 21 13:23
    (OOC-- Thank you, I definitely forgot to count and panicked and ahhh!!) Evelyn was intimidated to meet someone whose family was obviously entrenched in the school's culture, but also wondered if it... more
    • Cheesy jokes — Ness, Sat Jul 21 22:25
      • The best sorts of peopleEvelyn Stones, Sun Jul 22 03:31
        Evelyn smiled. And then she kept smiling. "I think you're a pretty good person, Ness," she decided, grateful that growing up in the company of adults made it easy enough to be forthcoming about such... more
        • We are indeed Ness McLeod, Sun Jul 22 04:36
          “Thanks,” Ness beamed, really genuinely touched by Evelyn’s compliment. Ness felt like a good person - a believer in all things good and fair, like equality and human rights and stuff. It wasn’t... more
          • With sandwiches like theseEvelyn Stones, Sun Jul 22 11:30
            Things were looking up and Evelyn was pretty satisfied she wouldn't be kicked out anytime soon. She was still dreading the idea of sitting in class and just hoping she could produce some acceptable... more
            • ..who needs enemies?Ness, Mon Jul 23 08:31
              “Ok, hope you’re sitting comfortably,” Ness grinned, when invited to go first in the telling of life stories. “I grew up in Vermont. It’s pretty nice. There’s trees and mountains and the world’s best ... more
              • Do I count as my own enemy?Evelyn Stones, Mon Jul 23 08:55
                It was a good story, and one Evelyn almost regretted learning. She had already known that she was a boring sort of person with a boring sort of family, but now there was proof even in the person she... more
                • I don't think soNess, Tue Jul 24 08:10
                  “Well, based on what you just said, you sound either lesbian or asexual,” Ness informed Evelyn, in a very matter of fact tone of voice, enjoying once again the feeling of being the expert on... more
                  • I'll toast to thatEvelyn Stones, Tue Jul 24 16:10
                    So apparently Ness was amazing. As it turned out, randomly picking a stranger to chat with could have some pretty great results! Evelyn might have breathed a sigh of relief-- and probably did-- but... more
                    • Mmm, toasted sandwichNess, Wed Jul 25 08:44
                      “Yes, that’s being pan sexual,” Ness explained, when Evelyn talked about liking everything, “Or… y’know. It can be. It doesn’t have to be. When you like everything, that is. Being in between is a... more
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