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Malikhi Hill
Looking for trouble
Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:03

Malikhi hardly listened to 'Professor Wright', being more interested in looking around. Anyway, he was talking rather slowly and sounded rather dull as well as looked it. He hoped it wouldn't all be dreary and boring. This was the first wizard school he'd ever seen and what's more, he was in America, which was an experience all its own.

With a toothy smile, he casually wandered over to a table, hands in his pockets and looked over all of the green folders, finding his own and nosily looking over the others, taking in names. There were some funny ones that Malikhi wouldn't even know how to pronounce and there seemed to be quite a few girls. His smile only seemed to grow - how much fun could he have pranking some of the girls? His guess was a lot.

Moving over to the food, he tucked his folder under his arm, deciding to look at all the boring school stuff later. He piled his plate high with various nibbles before moving to help himself to a drink. He just caught the tail end of a question from the girl who was also standing there and he blinked, picking up a cup of purple fruit juice. He grinned at her.

"I dunno, but it looks very orange!" he peered into her cup, his voice coming out strongly, confidently and very, very English. "What's your name, then?"

  • Expecting the unexpected...Lyssa Fitzgerald, Sun Jul 22 20:07
    Parker had told her a lot during the summer about Sonora. Her mother had seen to that. Parker though wouldn't talk a lot in front their parents, and especially in front of JJ, about the wider world... more
    • Looking for trouble — Malikhi Hill , Mon Jul 23 10:03
      • The trouble with trouble, is it starts out as funLyssa Fitzgerald, Mon Jul 23 12:51
        Lyssa looked over at the boy standing next to her. He sounded so proper, though that was really just his accent. She enjoyed hearing him talk. Something about him though made her think about her... more
        • Well, fun is never bad...Malikhi Hill, Mon Jul 23 16:36
          Malikhi took her hand and shook it firmly. His father had taught him to be mindful of his handshake. A limp and clammy handshake indicated weakness and if there was one thing Malikhi certainly... more
          • I'm not so sure about... you see where it becomes trouble?Lyssa Fitzgerald, Fri Jul 27 08:42
            The handshake was firm. It almost felt like the boy was trying to prove something to her with it, which Lyssa thought was entertaining. There really was no reason to do so. She returned the handshake ... more
            • Yes, I do see...Malikhi Hill, Fri Jul 27 09:15
              Malikhi held in a laugh. It was rare that anyone managed to pronounced his name correctly the first time and it amused him each time. It was like his own personal trick and he didn't even need to put ... more
    • OOC for aboveLyssa Fitzgerald, Sun Jul 22 20:13
      I was so intent on editing the above post that I forgot to write the OOC which is: The post above has words and actions for Parker. As I write Lyssa's brother Parker as well, so I am not writing for... more
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