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Malikhi Hill
Well, fun is never bad...
Mon Jul 23, 2018 16:36

Malikhi took her hand and shook it firmly. His father had taught him to be mindful of his handshake. A limp and clammy handshake indicated weakness and if there was one thing Malikhi certainly wasn't, it was weak. Satisfied that he'd delivered the confident handshake his father would be happy with, he answered Lyssa.

"I'm Malikhi. Malikhi Hill. It's nice to meet you, Lyssa." Her name felt kind of funny on his tongue, kind of like he was trying to imitate a snake. Also, he wasn't sure, but he thought that she looked kind of nervous and tense. Maybe it was because it was their first day. He leaned against the drinks table, shaking his head, trying to get his blond hair out of his eyes before carrying on the conversation.

"Do you know anything about this place?" he asked, wondering if, just by chance, he could get any inside information beforehand. It would be very helpful for any future, mischievous endeavours.

As he listened to her reply, he looked around the rest of the gardens and, also, the other students. There were two other girls nearby who seemed deep in conversation about something-or-other that Malikhi couldn't hear. There a few others wandering about but, for the moment, he was interested in Lyssa.

  • The trouble with trouble, is it starts out as funLyssa Fitzgerald, Mon Jul 23 12:51
    Lyssa looked over at the boy standing next to her. He sounded so proper, though that was really just his accent. She enjoyed hearing him talk. Something about him though made her think about her... more
    • Well, fun is never bad... — Malikhi Hill, Mon Jul 23 16:36
      • I'm not so sure about... you see where it becomes trouble?Lyssa Fitzgerald, Fri Jul 27 08:42
        The handshake was firm. It almost felt like the boy was trying to prove something to her with it, which Lyssa thought was entertaining. There really was no reason to do so. She returned the handshake ... more
        • Yes, I do see...Malikhi Hill, Fri Jul 27 09:15
          Malikhi held in a laugh. It was rare that anyone managed to pronounced his name correctly the first time and it amused him each time. It was like his own personal trick and he didn't even need to put ... more
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