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Katerina Vorontsov
Hello, everyone. It is so nice to be here.
Tue Jul 24, 2018 17:52

The first year class was not, from Katya’s perspective, a very large crowd. When all her family was home, her own household – her parents, their six children, the governess, the tutor, the gardener and his assistant, the housekeeper and the maid, and Anton Petrovich’s two children – would easily outnumber it. Nor was she even entirely accustomed to standing out a bit from the rest of a crowd she happened to be in – she was Katerina Andreyevna, Gospodin Vorontsov’s youngest daughter; even her playmates, Sofya and Vera Antonovna, knew she was different from themselves for this reason. However, here, she stood out for a reason she was not accustomed to: her hat.

Her brand-new hat, done up in Sonora green, but in the soft, modestly-brimmed style she wore her hats and with a bow to make it pretty. There were other girls, but their faces were bare to the Arizona sun, without any hats shading them. As she looked around to confirm this, she also noticed that they weren’t wearing gloves – her hands were neatly covered with sensible white gloves only ornamented with some lace over the buttons at the wrists, but their hands were as bare as their faces. Well – their faces minus one, which seemed to have bright orange paint on its owner’s lips. Still, though. She was the only one with a hat and gloves here, and the only one, aside from her sister Tatiana, she had seen with these things at all.

Deeply uncomfortable, she crossed her hands at her waist and listened to the man – Professor Wright – talk. And talk. And talk. She understood most of it, and he seemed to talk slowly, which was easier for her to understand, but still – she couldn’t help but think of Tatiana’s description of Sonora, which consisted of flapping her hands wildly and saying tak mnogo slov’! - ‘so many words!’ She did not think she was going to remember half of it, though thankfully, she gathered that most of the information being spoken about was in the folder, which was helpful. She could read English much better than she could follow it aurally.

As the speech wound up, her attention went back to her attire. Should she take off her hat, or would having to hold it awkwardly by her side be even worse? Plus she would get the sun if she took her hat off, and Mama would not like that. Of course, Mama was not here, but….

She looked up at the food and seized onto something else. There was food. One did not wear gloves while eating. Eating outdoors was a perfect excuse to remove her gloves. She removed them and put them in her shoulder bag and made her way over to the food.

“Hello,” she said to another student. She spoke English with a Russian accent, but one less pronounced and with fewer sharp edges than her sister’s; unlike Tatiana, Katerina had begged Papa to get her a magical recorder and record player for her birthday two years ago so she could practice her pronunciation and hear herself. “My name is Katerina Vorontsov.” It felt strange to introduce herself without her patronymic or even the proper ending to her last name, but Tatiana and Anton Petrovich both said this was how Americans did things. “It is nice to be here in Sonora, yes?”

  • Welcome to First Year Orientation!Professor Grayson Wright, Fri Jul 20 15:21
    As they disembarked the wagons, returning students might have been slightly surprised by the figure waiting to greeting them, helping any down from the wagons who required such assistance and... more
    • Hello, everyone. It is so nice to be here. — Katerina Vorontsov, Tue Jul 24 17:52
      • I'm afraid I don't agree.Julius Astley, Wed Jul 25 10:57
        Julius Astley was already intensely annoyed upon his arrival to Sonora Academy. The ride in the wagons had been uncomfortable and bumpy and the fact that he'd had to share seemed only to enhance his... more
        • I'm sorry to hear that.Katerina, Wed Jul 25 12:53
          Julius. That was an interesting name. Julius had been the name of the first Caesar – a Roman, but the western Romans had built the great Eastern empire, and Russia was the heir of the Eastern empire. ... more
          • It's my father who should be sorry.Julius Astley, Wed Jul 25 13:14
            Julius blinked at Katerina, unsure whether to take her question seriously or not. Maybe he was wrong in his assumption and she wasn't a Pureblood after all. Surely she wasn't attracted to the idea to ... more
            • Whatever he did is hardly my fault.Katerina, Wed Jul 25 13:41
              The look on Julius’ face let Katya know at once that she had somehow said something wrong, but it was only when he started talking that she became really concerned that she had somehow gotten English ... more
              • I never said it was.Julius Astley, Wed Jul 25 19:55
                The situation that Julius now found himself in wasn't an uncommon one. It wasn't the first time that he'd offended someone enough to cause them to snap back at him. Though, in Julius's mind, he felt... more
                • "I won't dignify that with a response," she responded.Katerina Vorontsov, Wed Jul 25 20:58
                  She was not, Katya decided in the moments after Julius stormed off, going to give up wearing hats just yet, even if she concluded it was definitely not the custom of proper American young ladies.... more
    • Expecting the unexpected...Lyssa Fitzgerald, Sun Jul 22 20:07
      Parker had told her a lot during the summer about Sonora. Her mother had seen to that. Parker though wouldn't talk a lot in front their parents, and especially in front of JJ, about the wider world... more
      • Looking for troubleMalikhi Hill , Mon Jul 23 10:03
        Malikhi hardly listened to 'Professor Wright', being more interested in looking around. Anyway, he was talking rather slowly and sounded rather dull as well as looked it. He hoped it wouldn't all be... more
        • The trouble with trouble, is it starts out as funLyssa Fitzgerald, Mon Jul 23 12:51
          Lyssa looked over at the boy standing next to her. He sounded so proper, though that was really just his accent. She enjoyed hearing him talk. Something about him though made her think about her... more
          • Well, fun is never bad...Malikhi Hill, Mon Jul 23 16:36
            Malikhi took her hand and shook it firmly. His father had taught him to be mindful of his handshake. A limp and clammy handshake indicated weakness and if there was one thing Malikhi certainly... more
            • I'm not so sure about... you see where it becomes trouble?Lyssa Fitzgerald, Fri Jul 27 08:42
              The handshake was firm. It almost felt like the boy was trying to prove something to her with it, which Lyssa thought was entertaining. There really was no reason to do so. She returned the handshake ... more
              • Yes, I do see...Malikhi Hill, Fri Jul 27 09:15
                Malikhi held in a laugh. It was rare that anyone managed to pronounced his name correctly the first time and it amused him each time. It was like his own personal trick and he didn't even need to put ... more
      • OOC for aboveLyssa Fitzgerald, Sun Jul 22 20:13
        I was so intent on editing the above post that I forgot to write the OOC which is: The post above has words and actions for Parker. As I write Lyssa's brother Parker as well, so I am not writing for... more
    • Is it too soon to throw up?Evelyn Stones, Fri Jul 20 19:17
      Evelyn peered at the bespectacled wizard as he finished his introductory speeches, and then at her peers. She wasn't sure what to make of any of it. Her eyes fell, as they tended to, on the food and... more
      • It's not my preferred friend-making techniqueNess McLeod, Sat Jul 21 05:22
        Ness stepped off the wagon and into the gardens. Finally! It felt like it had taken forever to get here – both in terms of the wagon journey that day, which had been pretty long, but more in the... more
        • "Interesting" indeedEvelyn Stones, Sat Jul 21 12:15
          Evelyn smirked and then smiled. "Yeah," she said. "I guess so." Evelyn hadn't said it before, but she supposed it was actually pretty cool that they were finally at Sonora. It was certainly better... more
          • Curioser and curiouserNess McLeod, Sat Jul 21 12:36
            “Odd is probably a compliment too, if I say it,” Ness nodded, finding that so far, Evelyn seemed to be a likeable person. Someone who valued words like ‘odd’ and ‘interesting’ over and above ‘nice’... more
            • Re: Curioser and curiouserAnonymous, Sat Jul 21 13:23
              (OOC-- Thank you, I definitely forgot to count and panicked and ahhh!!) Evelyn was intimidated to meet someone whose family was obviously entrenched in the school's culture, but also wondered if it... more
              • Cheesy jokesNess, Sat Jul 21 22:25
                (OOC - no worries. Posts also have this sneaky habit of looking longer than they are until you click ‘submit!’) IC “Professor Wright,” Ness reminded Evelyn, when she referred to the teacher as ‘that... more
                • The best sorts of peopleEvelyn Stones, Sun Jul 22 03:31
                  Evelyn smiled. And then she kept smiling. "I think you're a pretty good person, Ness," she decided, grateful that growing up in the company of adults made it easy enough to be forthcoming about such... more
                  • We are indeed Ness McLeod, Sun Jul 22 04:36
                    “Thanks,” Ness beamed, really genuinely touched by Evelyn’s compliment. Ness felt like a good person - a believer in all things good and fair, like equality and human rights and stuff. It wasn’t... more
                    • With sandwiches like theseEvelyn Stones, Sun Jul 22 11:30
                      Things were looking up and Evelyn was pretty satisfied she wouldn't be kicked out anytime soon. She was still dreading the idea of sitting in class and just hoping she could produce some acceptable... more
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