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Julius Astley
I'm afraid I don't agree.
Wed Jul 25, 2018 10:57

Julius Astley was already intensely annoyed upon his arrival to Sonora Academy. The ride in the wagons had been uncomfortable and bumpy and the fact that he'd had to share seemed only to enhance his discomfort. Upon disembarking, he was mollified only by the fact that his feet were firmly back on the ground and that he could part company with the others who had been seated with him.

He followed the direction that the bespectacled professor had pointed in for the first years and, as he walked, he made sure to straighten his robes as well as correct other aspects of his appearance. A rickety ride in an awful wagon was no excuse to appear dishevelled.

Upon arrival to the gardens, Julius listened to the professor who had been at the wagons, now known to him as 'Professor Wright'. Julius didn't much like the look of him, though. Aside from sounding dull, the man wasn't even wearing a tie and looked like he'd hardly put any effort into his appearance at all, something that was completely inconceivable to Julius who didn't even leave his bedroom without making sure his appearance was impeccable.

At the end of the speech, Julius waited until everybody else had gone to retrieve their folders. He had no intention of bumping into anyone and therefore being forced to make conversation. Mercifully, the first year group didn't seem particularly big so there was plenty of space. Which also gave Julius hope for the rest of the school year. Maybe he could just avoid conversing with everyone.

At last, he felt that he could fetch his own folder without the necessity of conversation and went to pick it up. He checked through it, making doubly sure that all the information he needed was in it and then decided to take the opportunity to have a look at the food that was on offer.

There was only one other person at the food table, which relieved Julius. Maybe he could get away with not talking to them. However, his aspirations were dashed when the person, a girl, said hello to him and told him her name was 'Katerina Vorontsov'. Well, that certainly wasn't an English name.

He took the chance to look at her properly, noting that she seemed very well dressed, her entire attire completed with a hat, as was proper. Maybe, if he was very, very lucky, this girl was a Pureblood. He could bear interacting with another Pureblood. He could certainly tolerate small-talk in that instance.

"I am Julius Astley." he responded, his enunciation very clear, a mark of having be taught how to speak properly. Under normal circumstances, he would have offered his hand to shake if it had been a boy but his father had taught him that in these instances, it was the girl who offered her hand first. "I don't agree that it is nice, exactly."

  • Hello, everyone. It is so nice to be here.Katerina Vorontsov, Tue Jul 24 17:52
    The first year class was not, from Katya’s perspective, a very large crowd. When all her family was home, her own household – her parents, their six children, the governess, the tutor, the gardener... more
    • I'm afraid I don't agree. — Julius Astley, Wed Jul 25 10:57
      • I'm sorry to hear that.Katerina, Wed Jul 25 12:53
        Julius. That was an interesting name. Julius had been the name of the first Caesar – a Roman, but the western Romans had built the great Eastern empire, and Russia was the heir of the Eastern empire. ... more
        • It's my father who should be sorry.Julius Astley, Wed Jul 25 13:14
          Julius blinked at Katerina, unsure whether to take her question seriously or not. Maybe he was wrong in his assumption and she wasn't a Pureblood after all. Surely she wasn't attracted to the idea to ... more
          • Whatever he did is hardly my fault.Katerina, Wed Jul 25 13:41
            The look on Julius’ face let Katya know at once that she had somehow said something wrong, but it was only when he started talking that she became really concerned that she had somehow gotten English ... more
            • I never said it was.Julius Astley, Wed Jul 25 19:55
              The situation that Julius now found himself in wasn't an uncommon one. It wasn't the first time that he'd offended someone enough to cause them to snap back at him. Though, in Julius's mind, he felt... more
              • "I won't dignify that with a response," she responded.Katerina Vorontsov, Wed Jul 25 20:58
                She was not, Katya decided in the moments after Julius stormed off, going to give up wearing hats just yet, even if she concluded it was definitely not the custom of proper American young ladies.... more
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