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Julius Astley
I never said it was.
Wed Jul 25, 2018 19:55

The situation that Julius now found himself in wasn't an uncommon one. It wasn't the first time that he'd offended someone enough to cause them to snap back at him. Though, in Julius's mind, he felt that he hadn't done anything wrong. His mother had always taught him that 'honesty is always the best policy'. He'd only answered her question honestly. If Katerina hadn't wanted a negative answer, she shouldn't have asked the question. So, truthfully, this whole mess was her fault... And she had the audacity to criticise his manners?

Also, her English was dreadful. Why bother conversing if you can't string a sentence together properly? It seemed terribly pointless to attend an English-speaking school if you can't speak the language properly. Oh, Julius wished he'd just ignored her and moved on to find a quiet corner. Life would now be much more peaceful and easier if he'd have just done that. Now, his whole day had just been one big disaster and Julius decided to hold Katerina responsible.

"I would suggest, Miss Vorontsov, before you attempt to converse with anyone again, that you learn how to string a sentence together," he snapped at her, voice filled with venom and his eyes glaring intensely at her. "Given that you can barely speak English, why should I display manners towards you?"

With that, Julius turned on his heel and stalked off. Maybe he'd finally get some peace and quiet and would no longer waste time with these ridiculous lesser beings.

  • Whatever he did is hardly my fault.Katerina, Wed Jul 25 13:41
    The look on Juliusí face let Katya know at once that she had somehow said something wrong, but it was only when he started talking that she became really concerned that she had somehow gotten English ... more
    • I never said it was. — Julius Astley, Wed Jul 25 19:55
      • "I won't dignify that with a response," she responded.Katerina Vorontsov, Wed Jul 25 20:58
        She was not, Katya decided in the moments after Julius stormed off, going to give up wearing hats just yet, even if she concluded it was definitely not the custom of proper American young ladies.... more
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