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Katerina Vorontsov
"I won't dignify that with a response," she responded.
Wed Jul 25, 2018 20:58

She was not, Katya decided in the moments after Julius stormed off, going to give up wearing hats just yet, even if she concluded it was definitely not the custom of proper American young ladies. Hats were simply too useful. A proper hat, well-matched to the outfit it was worn with, beautified the whole outfit, and it protected her face from the sun – and it protected her from the eyes of everyone else.

The light out here, she was sure, was so bright that her hat was surely throwing her face into shadow for everyone not standing right next to her, and this meant no-one had noticed the color flood into her cheeks and forehead (her neck was thankfully largely concealed by her thick red-gold hair) when Julius said she could not speak English properly. If they could not see her suddenly turning deep pink, they also could not see that tears – as much anger as hurt, but definitely brought about by both – had sprung into her dark blue eyes, either. This meant she would not be humiliated twice, which was as close as she thought she was going to get to a good thing right now.

She bit her lip hard, focusing on that, and continued adding things to her little plate as though she had not heard anything. She could take a bite of something and then use raising her napkin to her face as a cover to discreetly dab at her eyes – something she had learned from her cousin Anastasia was to never, ever, let someone who had been mean to her see her cry. Nastya was a ruthless tease and the best way to encourage her was to react.

Deciding she had enough, she picked up a small cup of punch and walked in the opposite direction from the one the rude American had taken. Since they had not (unless they were meant to use the green folders to prove their agility and ability to improvise) been provided with small trays to carry all their food and drink and folders on, her choice of picnic spots was relatively limited – the one that made the most sense was the edge of the fountain, so that was where she went, putting her things down so she could safely extract her handkerchief from her bag and spread it on the broad stone brim before settling there as gracefully as possible herself, ankles crossed, back straight, hat in place, the sun sparkling just the smallest bit on the small gold ring set with small pink topazes on her left hand and shining off the band of tiny five-millimeter coral beads and seed-sized gold spacers which she had around her neck, just visible at the top of her robes. She took a small bite of her sandwich with one hand, brought the napkin toward her face with the other, and tried to focus more on how she could make a caricature of that buffoon instead of on the fact that the very first American she had spoken to had told her she shouldn’t speak at all.

  • I never said it was.Julius Astley, Wed Jul 25 19:55
    The situation that Julius now found himself in wasn't an uncommon one. It wasn't the first time that he'd offended someone enough to cause them to snap back at him. Though, in Julius's mind, he felt... more
    • "I won't dignify that with a response," she responded. — Katerina Vorontsov, Wed Jul 25 20:58
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