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Malikhi Hill
Yes, I do see...
Fri Jul 27, 2018 09:15

Malikhi held in a laugh. It was rare that anyone managed to pronounced his name correctly the first time and it amused him each time. It was like his own personal trick and he didn't even need to put any effort into it! Mah-lick-hi. It felt like the perfect name for the boy who enjoyed playing tricks and pranks on other people. His parents should be commended.

"It's close enough," he told Lyssa. After having looked around at the rest of their year group and the gardens, he decided that Lyssa was the most interesting person to talk to at the moment. There was a girl with a posh-looking hat sitting at the fountain but he didn't really want to bother with well-to-do types and there were two other girls who seemed far more interested in each other. There was another boy but he looked thunderous and rather miserable and that was not the kind of person Malikhi generally associated with at all.

There was something about Lyssa, though, that Malikhi couldn't quite pinpoint in her answer. He dismissed it though, interested to learn that she was a muggleborn. Malikhi was a half-blood, his mother the witch in his family while his father was the muggle. At least that was something kind of in common. However, she didn't know anything which wasn't massively helpful. Still, he supposed that he'd learn about the academy soon enough.

"Oh, very little. Coming here was a last minute decision sort of thing," he admitted, and it was true. He was supposed to have attended school in England until his Aunt had interfered and dragged him all the way to America. Still, he supposed he had to make the best of it. "I'm interested in the subjects though, particularly charms and potions. I think they would be very helpful."

Malikhi did not admit that they would be helpful towards his mischief-making. He did not want to give the game away. "What about you? Any subjects you're looking forward to?"

  • I'm not so sure about... you see where it becomes trouble?Lyssa Fitzgerald, Fri Jul 27 08:42
    The handshake was firm. It almost felt like the boy was trying to prove something to her with it, which Lyssa thought was entertaining. There really was no reason to do so. She returned the handshake ... more
    • Yes, I do see... — Malikhi Hill, Fri Jul 27 09:15
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