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Tabitha Hawthorne
Just a feeling...
Sun Jul 29, 2018 22:57

Tabitha was absolutely convinced that she was insane. She had wondered such things before, given her recklessness and her tendency to run into dangerous situations. She'd even made a hobby of such things, travelling across continents in a bid to try and find the wizarding world's most dangerous creatures. However, this was different. She no longer had any doubts about her mental state. She was certain that she was completely, undeniably, one hundred percent insane.

This thought stemmed from the fact that she'd just fled Cascade Hall, that was full for the Opening Feast, in order to chase after a woman who, it was quite possible, did not want to see Tabitha's face ever again. Not after the complete shambles that had been the ending of their dinner together, where Tabitha had been stupid and opened her mouth with no thought or care and just blurted out her feelings that she had had not intention of blurting in the first place and had no business being made known.

The truth was, Tabitha was lonely. She'd been lonely for months, ever since her ex had left. She felt rather pathetic for having taken a shine to the first person who'd shown her even a little bit of attention. Maybe this wouldn't have happened if her ex hadn't left or if she'd actually known somebody, anybody in America. If that had been the case, maybe she would have controlled herself better and been less emotional about the whole damn debacle.

Yet, here she was, chasing after a woman who Tabitha thought was lovely and beautiful and, quite frankly, just extraordinary. Tabitha couldn't deny it. The woman was and would be a wonderful friend and the Defence teacher had a crush on her. Great, just marvellous. As if life wasn't difficult enough, what with her being in a job that she didn't even really know how to do, the issues she was having about whether to send her parents a stupid letter and now, she found herself crushing on the first bloody person who even looked at her kindly. The whole situation was a complete joke.

Tabitha rounded a corner and found herself approaching the gardens. Actually, Tabitha was kind of pleased about that. She needed fresh air. She needed to breathe deep and try and collect her thoughts, make sense of the mess that both she and Mary were now in, all because of her. The cool night air was nice on her face and there was a slight breeze that ruffled her hair, the strands of which tickled her cheeks. For a brief moment, Tabitha felt peaceful. For just a moment, she could forget the mess and just let the outdoor air wash over her as she walked through the gardens.

Then, she heard a scream.

And it sounded like Mary.

She drew out her wand and ran in what she hoped was the right direction. She didn't know if anything dangerous could get into the Sonora grounds but she didn't want to take any risks by not being prepared. It didn't matter, suddenly, what had transpired between the two or who's fault it was or whether Tabitha did or did not have a crush on the Potions mistress. She just had to find her and make sure she was okay.

She turned a corner and stopped suddenly, almost tripping over her own feet. She panted heavily, her wand pointed defensively, ready to shoot a hex at any potential attacker. However, all she saw was Mary, slumped over on a bench, tear tracks on her face and looking absolutely miserable. With a crash, Tabitha was reminded that it was her who had caused Mary to look such a state and she lowered her wand, now embarrassed.

"I..." she took a deep breath, her throat constricting. Confronted with Mary, having found her, Tabitha felt rather ill. "I heard your scream... I was worried that you were in trouble."

  • Just a Flutter [Tag Tabitha]Mary Brooding, Sun Jul 29 22:26
    The gardens had long since been a sanctuary for Mary Brooding. She'd always appreciated the fact that they were essentially one big lie; one big refusal to be what they were supposed to be. As a... more
    • Just a feeling... — Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 22:57
      • A wonderful feeling?Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 02:14
        She came. Mary's chest lurched at the sight of Tabitha standing there, worried about her safety. A number of thoughts crossed her mind at once, including a few questions. Shimmering in the moonlight, ... more
        • I'm not sure yet. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 09:42
          Tabitha put her wand away, having come to the conclusion that since Mary wasn't in any kind of danger, nor was she going to hex her for disturbing her while she was upset. Tabitha was feeling rather... more
          • Me neither.Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 15:28
            Certainly Tabitha had looked confused while Mary spoke, but now it was Mary's turn to wonder at her friend. She couldn't remember when Tabitha had said anything to ruin anything, although she... more
            • I want to find out though. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 16:43
              Tabitha breathed shallowly. There was a tightness in her chest that she didn't feel often. It made it hard to breathe, hard to think, hard to do anything at all. There was a stinging in her eyes and... more
              • Let's find out together.Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 17:16
                Mary smiled, her nose wrinkling. "Don't you worry a bit, that hair is always falling and I don't mind you pushing it back. I...I like it." Sensing that Tabitha needed something-- anything-- to... more
                • I'd like that. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 17:55
                  Tabitha wiped at her eyes, brushing away any remaining tears and managed a weak smile at the Potions mistress who seemed to have an uncanny talent for finding something positive in everything.... more
                  • As would I, sweet one.Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 19:30
                    Mary busied herself with a gentle smile, and the nervous smoothing of her robes. She hoped it didn't look nervous, but she wouldn't deny it if she was caught out. Memories of a certain quiet starry... more
                    • Let me show you the starsTabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 20:59
                      Tabitha wondered if she'd done the right thing as she lay on her coat, next to Mary. This was the closest the been the entire night, their shoulders touching and Tabitha could smell the subtle... more
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