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Mary Brooding
A wonderful feeling?
Mon Jul 30, 2018 02:14

She came.

Mary's chest lurched at the sight of Tabitha standing there, worried about her safety. A number of thoughts crossed her mind at once, including a few questions. Shimmering in the moonlight, her white robes rustling in the gentle breeze and her wand clutched firmly in her hand, Tabitha was a sigh to behold. The queen of night, come to rescue her fallen one.

This thought reminded Mary that she was being dramatic and that she was quite unstable. But she did enjoy the imagery.

"Thank you," Mary replied in a soft voice. The breeze that tousled Tabitha's robes also stung Mary's cheeks where tears had left damp tracks on her skin, and she wiped her face.

"Can I just... I'm sorry. Is that weird?" Mary huffed as she spoke and she thought how nice it would be to laugh. They'd been getting on so well and everything just got so tense and serious and she wanted to laugh again. That's what she liked. She suspected maybe that's what Tabitha liked, too.

Then, Mary did laugh. It was the dry, short chuckle that comes from the mouths of people who are too tired to really find anything funny anymore, but it was better than crying. Or screaming.

"This is so stupid," she said. "Not you. Me. Just. I am so bloody lonely!"

All the embarrassment of the past few minutes of semi-rational thought seemed to land on Mary's shoulders at once and she covered her face with her hands. "It's so stupid!"

She let out a gust of air and smiled sadly at the witch she hoped would still be her friend. If Tabitha was the woman Mary had come to know, she thought she probably would be.

"I think you're fantastic, but I shouldn't have let everything else make this so difficult for us. Especially our first night! I hope you don't mind me saying how silly this is. It's been so wonderful to meet you, and this whole night was lovely, and our food was scrumptious and it's all just been so... so wonderful!"

Mary was loser to her usual self again, although she could only be so cheery when a possibly angry woman with a wand was in front of her. Instead of trying to say anything else and risking sounding like a total nincompoop, Mary eyed the woman for a moment.

"Do you mind if I just... I'm just going to...."

Pushing herself to her feet, Mary stretched her arms by her sides and rocked up on her toes, weighing her decision one last time before acting on it. Deciding it couldn't be weirder, and betting that she had read this woman correctly (hopefully), Mary took long strides to close the distance between them and wrapped Tabitha in a gentle hug.

She desperately hoped Tabitha would return the gesture, or at least not mind. In most situations, Mary wouldn't hug people without their express consent first. However, it was a night of doing and saying without thinking, so she might as well keep up the trend. It wasn't as if she hadn't already botched her interactions with Tabitha.

"It's been such a pleasure, and I'd really like to be friends, if you still want to," Mary said, and her eyes were sincere as she pulled back, leaving her hands on Tabitha's shoulders and looking at her closely to see what sort of response she would get.

OOC: I tried not to God-mod Tabitha's response to the hug? I wrote it as openly as possible, I think the only thing that I restricted was that she didn't like...punch Mary, or throw her hands up and reject the hug or something. I'd love feedback if that's too God-mod-ish!!

  • Just a feeling...Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 22:57
    Tabitha was absolutely convinced that she was insane. She had wondered such things before, given her recklessness and her tendency to run into dangerous situations. She'd even made a hobby of such... more
    • A wonderful feeling? — Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 02:14
      • I'm not sure yet. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 09:42
        Tabitha put her wand away, having come to the conclusion that since Mary wasn't in any kind of danger, nor was she going to hex her for disturbing her while she was upset. Tabitha was feeling rather... more
        • Me neither.Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 15:28
          Certainly Tabitha had looked confused while Mary spoke, but now it was Mary's turn to wonder at her friend. She couldn't remember when Tabitha had said anything to ruin anything, although she... more
          • I want to find out though. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 16:43
            Tabitha breathed shallowly. There was a tightness in her chest that she didn't feel often. It made it hard to breathe, hard to think, hard to do anything at all. There was a stinging in her eyes and... more
            • Let's find out together.Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 17:16
              Mary smiled, her nose wrinkling. "Don't you worry a bit, that hair is always falling and I don't mind you pushing it back. I...I like it." Sensing that Tabitha needed something-- anything-- to... more
              • I'd like that. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 17:55
                Tabitha wiped at her eyes, brushing away any remaining tears and managed a weak smile at the Potions mistress who seemed to have an uncanny talent for finding something positive in everything.... more
                • As would I, sweet one.Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 19:30
                  Mary busied herself with a gentle smile, and the nervous smoothing of her robes. She hoped it didn't look nervous, but she wouldn't deny it if she was caught out. Memories of a certain quiet starry... more
                  • Let me show you the starsTabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 20:59
                    Tabitha wondered if she'd done the right thing as she lay on her coat, next to Mary. This was the closest the been the entire night, their shoulders touching and Tabitha could smell the subtle... more
                    • Let me travel them with youMary Brooding, Tue Jul 31 02:19
                      Mary stifled a giggle as Tabitha spoke, not because the witch's words were silly but because they were utterly un-silly. The story was new to Mary and fascinated her, but when Tabitha was finished,... more
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