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Tabitha Hawthorne
I'm not sure yet.
Mon Jul 30, 2018 09:42

Tabitha put her wand away, having come to the conclusion that since Mary wasn't in any kind of danger, nor was she going to hex her for disturbing her while she was upset. Tabitha was feeling rather conflicted inside. In one way, she wanted to reach out to the woman, to hold her hands again, retrieve the warm feelings she'd been experiencing within the hall at the feast. On the other hand, she thought that it might be better if she didn't move at all, for fear of upsetting Mary further. She felt like she'd done enough damage as it was. She didn't want to risk upsetting Mary further by being somewhat affectionate.

Tabitha said nothing as Mary laughed. This laugh cut her to pieces as it wasn't the warm, kind laugh that the Defence teacher had become accustomed to hearing over the day. It was brief and sounded derisive and harsh. All words that Tabitha wouldn't associate with the Mary that she knew, all words that were being used because Tabitha had gotten carried away.

Then, Mary said she was lonely.

The statement resonated deep within Tabitha. It was a feeling that she had become very familiar over the recent months, one that she hadn't been able to shake and she rather suspected had everything to do with being the cause of their current predicament. Tabitha wasn't sure as to when she had become so weak, so bothered by being alone. She had faced Runespoors in India, Demiguises in the Far East and Erumpents in Africa and yet, none of those had resulted her in being such a mess. Her kryptonite, her weakness was the fact that she was bloody lonely? It was pathetic and it angered her. It angered her to the point where she had to draw in a sharp breath and ball her hands into fists before she hit something.

Then, as quickly as the anger has descended, it had disappeared and was replaced by surprise as she felt arms wrap around her, pulling her close. For a moment, she didn't move and stood rigidly, as stiff as board while she processed what was happening. Mary was hugging her. Instead of taking away any confusuon that Tabitha felt, it only served to make it greater. For once in her life, Tabitha had absolutely no idea what on earth to do.

Her brain finally came to the conclusion that she should probably hug the woman back, given that that was what people normally did when on the receiving end of a hug but, just as Tabitha started to lift her arms to return the gesture, Mary broke it and stepped away slightly, putting space between them. She still felt her hands though, resting delicately on her shoulders and they were still warm, she could feel their heat through the thin fabric of her blouse.

If the situation hadn't been so serious, Tabitha's face might have ellicited laughter. Her eyes were wide and staring into Mary's face and her mouth was slightly agape, as if she was about to speak. She seemed to frozen in place and in a way, she was, trying to process the new developments in the situation. It was fair to say that Tabitha was utterly and completely lost.

"I..." Great. On top of everything else, her ability to speak seemed to have now failed her. Her surprised expression faded as looked down at the ground and frowned, now annoyed that she was no screwing up basic social interactions. This was a complete nightmare. She cleared her throat and tried again. Her eyes flickered up to meet those of Mary's. They searched her face, trying to determine if she was being sincere. "I don't understand... I thought..."

Well, that was just it? What did she think? Tabitha wasn't entirely sure anymore. She let out a deep sigh, deciding to just speak and see what happened. After all, she couldn't possibly make the situation any worse than it already was.

"I thought that I'd scared you, Mary," she murmured, her voice barely above a whisper, almost getting lost in the wind. "I'm a reckless, dangerous, stupid individual and I said a stupid thing and ruined a wonderful day and an even lovelier evening. How could you possibly want to still be friends with someone as screwed up as I am?"

  • A wonderful feeling?Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 02:14
    She came. Mary's chest lurched at the sight of Tabitha standing there, worried about her safety. A number of thoughts crossed her mind at once, including a few questions. Shimmering in the moonlight, ... more
    • I'm not sure yet. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 09:42
      • Me neither.Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 15:28
        Certainly Tabitha had looked confused while Mary spoke, but now it was Mary's turn to wonder at her friend. She couldn't remember when Tabitha had said anything to ruin anything, although she... more
        • I want to find out though. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 16:43
          Tabitha breathed shallowly. There was a tightness in her chest that she didn't feel often. It made it hard to breathe, hard to think, hard to do anything at all. There was a stinging in her eyes and... more
          • Let's find out together.Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 17:16
            Mary smiled, her nose wrinkling. "Don't you worry a bit, that hair is always falling and I don't mind you pushing it back. I...I like it." Sensing that Tabitha needed something-- anything-- to... more
            • I'd like that. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 17:55
              Tabitha wiped at her eyes, brushing away any remaining tears and managed a weak smile at the Potions mistress who seemed to have an uncanny talent for finding something positive in everything.... more
              • As would I, sweet one.Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 19:30
                Mary busied herself with a gentle smile, and the nervous smoothing of her robes. She hoped it didn't look nervous, but she wouldn't deny it if she was caught out. Memories of a certain quiet starry... more
                • Let me show you the starsTabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 20:59
                  Tabitha wondered if she'd done the right thing as she lay on her coat, next to Mary. This was the closest the been the entire night, their shoulders touching and Tabitha could smell the subtle... more
                  • Let me travel them with youMary Brooding, Tue Jul 31 02:19
                    Mary stifled a giggle as Tabitha spoke, not because the witch's words were silly but because they were utterly un-silly. The story was new to Mary and fascinated her, but when Tabitha was finished,... more
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