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Mary Brooding
Me neither.
Mon Jul 30, 2018 15:28

Certainly Tabitha had looked confused while Mary spoke, but now it was Mary's turn to wonder at her friend. She couldn't remember when Tabitha had said anything to ruin anything, although she suspected she could figure out what Tabitha thought she'd said. Mary's eyes softened.

"You haven't ruined anything, sweet one," Mary murmured, lowering her voice to Tabitha's volume. "And if you're screwed up, then I am too. If you don't mind me saying so, we're too much alike to talk like that."

Mary took a deep breath and resigned herself to the fact she was going to have to get used to reaching out if she wanted any help getting better. She'd been thinking of Michelle so recently that it wasn't hard to pull up the memories she needed now, although she hated to bring them up anyway.

"The woman I told you about before, the veela? Her name was Michelle," Mary started, looking down at the floor between herself and Tabitha as she pulled her hands away and let them hang loosely at her sides. "She was lonely, too. We were only together for a little while, but she didn't love me the same way. She couldn't love a woman the same way."

Another breath and a small smile.

"I understand that. I couldn't love a man that way, I don't expect anyone else to change either. But she tried for me, and we were happy for a time. She wanted a baby the traditional way, and a marriage that she could show off to her family."

Now, Mary's eyes closed altogether. She didn't need to cry anymore; she'd long since accepted the situation. But it still stung. There was no bitterness, but the pain was still tangible.

"I wasn't lying when I said she and I are still friends, but I don't know what that will mean anymore. I applied to Sonora the day she sent me a letter telling me she was going to have a baby. And I'm really glad I'll be too busy to write as often, so I guess that makes me not a very good friend."

She felt like she was talking a lot and saying too much, but she couldn't just stop now. Opening her eyes and looking openly at Tabitha, Mary pulled her brows together, focused.

"You and me? We're lonely. And that pain is all so recent. Is it really a surprise that we'd care too much too fast? Let's be friends, let's fight that loneliness. And, if you'll have me, I'd still love to travel for Christmas." Mary smiled, watching Tabitha's face. "But let's just... see what happens?"

It was a proposition and Mary's shoulders rose hopefully as she waited for a response. She would accept anything, but she knew what she wanted to hear, and anticipation bubbled in her stomach. Or indigestion. Or both. One should never run so soon after eating jello pudding and smores, but needs must.

  • I'm not sure yet. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 09:42
    Tabitha put her wand away, having come to the conclusion that since Mary wasn't in any kind of danger, nor was she going to hex her for disturbing her while she was upset. Tabitha was feeling rather... more
    • Me neither. — Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 15:28
      • I want to find out though. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 16:43
        Tabitha breathed shallowly. There was a tightness in her chest that she didn't feel often. It made it hard to breathe, hard to think, hard to do anything at all. There was a stinging in her eyes and... more
        • Let's find out together.Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 17:16
          Mary smiled, her nose wrinkling. "Don't you worry a bit, that hair is always falling and I don't mind you pushing it back. I...I like it." Sensing that Tabitha needed something-- anything-- to... more
          • I'd like that. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 17:55
            Tabitha wiped at her eyes, brushing away any remaining tears and managed a weak smile at the Potions mistress who seemed to have an uncanny talent for finding something positive in everything.... more
            • As would I, sweet one.Mary Brooding, Mon Jul 30 19:30
              Mary busied herself with a gentle smile, and the nervous smoothing of her robes. She hoped it didn't look nervous, but she wouldn't deny it if she was caught out. Memories of a certain quiet starry... more
              • Let me show you the starsTabitha Hawthorne, Mon Jul 30 20:59
                Tabitha wondered if she'd done the right thing as she lay on her coat, next to Mary. This was the closest the been the entire night, their shoulders touching and Tabitha could smell the subtle... more
                • Let me travel them with youMary Brooding, Tue Jul 31 02:19
                  Mary stifled a giggle as Tabitha spoke, not because the witch's words were silly but because they were utterly un-silly. The story was new to Mary and fascinated her, but when Tabitha was finished,... more
                  • When I'm with you, I already feel like I'm among them.Tabitha Hawthorne, Tue Jul 31 13:35
                    Tabitha eyes were focused on Mary's face, a warm smile playing on her lips as the woman considered the telling of Perseus and Andromeda and then questioned whether Perseus had truly won at all,... more
                    • I feel...something.Mary Brooding, Tue Jul 31 15:20
                      Tabitha's story was sad, but completely beautiful. It was a heartbreaking reminder that life and love happen no matter what, so all anyone can do is live, and love back. Mary did her best to live... more
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