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Mary Brooding
Our Spot (Tabitha)
Fri Sep 7, 2018 23:20

Mary made an effort to look casual as she made her way from her quarters, through the entry hall, and into the Labyrinth Gardens. She was dressed smartly and carrying a stack of papers and books, which made her appear far less suspicious than she felt. Indeed, she did have plans to complete some of the work she was taking with her while enjoying the Gardens. That just wasn't the reason she was going.

As it turned out, concealing a relationship at Sonora was not all that difficult. Staff minded their own business and supported each other so long as everyone's business remained just that; if it began to impact student wellbeing, Mary was sure that would change. Students themselves were no issue. They were either full of gossip anyway and their accounts couldn't be trusted, or they just didn't pay attention to the inner lives of their teachers and staff members. Mary saw no problem with this if it meant she was able to carry on her relationship with Tabitha without having any nosy questions. It was the early days still, although she couldn't pretend she wasn't head-over-heels for the woman. Since their Advanced Defense lesson together and the following time they'd spent in Tabitha's rooms, Mary couldn't doubt for a moment that she loved the woman.

Now, sneaking out to meet her illustrious lover in the grassy part of the Gardens that had become simply 'our spot' to them after their first night there after the Opening Feast, Mary might've been a child herself again. Everything felt perfect and easy when she was with Tabitha and she planned to maintain that as long as possible.

Mary arrived to their spot first and unrolled a blanket and two hard top lapdesks from a magically expanded bag on her hip. Setting these items out in the grass, Mary sat on the blanket and spent a few minutes enjoying the sun and the breeze as she waited for Tabitha. She supposed she should take advantage of the time alone and get some work done, and even managed to lay out her papers and things on one of the lapdesks before succumbing once again to the rare sunny day.

It was certainly chilly, but Mary had dressed for it and her sapphire dress was dark enough to absorb more heat than she might otherwise have felt. Mary felt totally at ease here and breathed happily when she heard the sound of footsteps approaching in the grass, a guarantee that her day was about to get better.

"Hello, my love," Mary said without opening her eyes. "Lovely day isn't it?"

    • I'm addicted to you.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 8 18:31
      Tabitha stifled a yawn as she collected her papers and books, shoving them roughly into a bag. She perhaps should've taken more care, given that some of the papers were the homework of some of her... more
      • Is that so?Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 8 18:46
        Mary peeped open one eye, the one closest to Tabitha, and smirked at the woman. Tabitha was disorderly in appearance and looked a bit more asleep than awake. Her white cheeks were flushed with a soft ... more
        • Oh, completely. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 8 21:00
          Tabitha made a noise of agreement when Mary mentioned about needing to be better with planning her lessons. The same could be said of the Defence teacher who had developed a poor habit of leaving... more
          • BlehhhMary Brooding, Sat Sep 8 21:20
            Mary's stomach tumbled a bit when Tabitha mentioned her lesson on Veelas. She hadn't been sad to be absent from that particular lesson, particularly when she'd heard some students being particularly... more
            • Blehhh? Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 8 22:09
              Tabitha was trying to read through a student's essay but her concentration wasn't completely on it and all she seemed to be succeeding in doing was re-reading the same line over and over again. She... more
              • Isn't effort just blehh?Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 8 23:13
                Mary smiled sympathetically at Tabitha, who seemed to have been completely soaked in melancholy this morning. Every curved line of her lovely face was pulled into an expression of utter frustration... more
                • Yes, I quite agree.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Sep 9 19:12
                  "I met one," Tabitha nodded as she finished scibbling a comment at the bottom of an essay before moving it to the 'finished' pile. It was probably a bit ambitious to call it a pile given that it only ... more
                  • You're distractable today.Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 10 00:53
                    Mary laughed, an easy dancing tune lifting from her mouth as she watched Tabitha pout. She had feelings about this story including Tabitha, a Veela, and JJ, but she preferred this more playful,... more
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