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Tabitha Hawthorne
I'm addicted to you.
Sat Sep 8, 2018 18:31

Tabitha stifled a yawn as she collected her papers and books, shoving them roughly into a bag. She perhaps should've taken more care, given that some of the papers were the homework of some of her students. However, the woman just felt very tired and struggled to care about the state of her papers. Her hair was a bit tangled and she knew that there were dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep. She'd been fretting about her parents, having still not written to them yet and her sleep had been plagued with dreams about them and all the other things she hadn't done yet, resulting in a restless night. She yawned again as she picked up her magically refilling flask of tea and left her office to meet with the one person she'd been looking forward to seeing all morning.

She found that she was not in the slightest bit bothered about who thought what about the relationship between her and Mary. To avoid embarassing Mary, Tabitha did not shout the information from Sonora's rooftops but she was not sneaking around, either. Nobody really seemed to notice what was going on between the pair and if they did, they didn't say anything which was the right thing to do, in Tabitha's opinion. Their relationship only involved two people - her and Mary. Everyone else could very well keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves.

As she stepped out into Labyrinth Gardens, Tabitha was reminded of England, given the cool weather. She pulled the dark red blazer she was wearing closed around herself to conserve the warmth she had. She found the cool air to be a benefit, to be honest. It lightly stung her cheeks and seemed to wake her up, blowing the cobwebs from her mind and also, her stresses. She didn't want her meeting with Mary to be tinged with negativity. That time was supposed to be reserved only for good feelings and Tabitha was damn well going to make sure that that was the case.

As she approached 'their spot', Tabitha smiled at seeing Mary already there and flat on her back, her eyes closed. She very much looked like she was sleeping but the smile that grew on her face as she heard Tabitha's footsteps gave away that she was, indeed, very much awake. Tabitha dumped her belongings on to a corner of the pinic blanket and with a contented sigh, lay down beside Mary, automatically taking her hand.

"It's far more beautiful now that I'm with you."

It was a poor line, Tabitha knew but she believed it to be the truth. Mary was beautiful and seeing her did brighten Tabitha's day. "And how are you?"

  • Our Spot (Tabitha)Mary Brooding, Fri Sep 7 23:20
    Mary made an effort to look casual as she made her way from her quarters, through the entry hall, and into the Labyrinth Gardens. She was dressed smartly and carrying a stack of papers and books,... more
    • I'm addicted to you. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 8 18:31
      • Is that so?Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 8 18:46
        Mary peeped open one eye, the one closest to Tabitha, and smirked at the woman. Tabitha was disorderly in appearance and looked a bit more asleep than awake. Her white cheeks were flushed with a soft ... more
        • Oh, completely. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 8 21:00
          Tabitha made a noise of agreement when Mary mentioned about needing to be better with planning her lessons. The same could be said of the Defence teacher who had developed a poor habit of leaving... more
          • BlehhhMary Brooding, Sat Sep 8 21:20
            Mary's stomach tumbled a bit when Tabitha mentioned her lesson on Veelas. She hadn't been sad to be absent from that particular lesson, particularly when she'd heard some students being particularly... more
            • Blehhh? Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 8 22:09
              Tabitha was trying to read through a student's essay but her concentration wasn't completely on it and all she seemed to be succeeding in doing was re-reading the same line over and over again. She... more
              • Isn't effort just blehh?Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 8 23:13
                Mary smiled sympathetically at Tabitha, who seemed to have been completely soaked in melancholy this morning. Every curved line of her lovely face was pulled into an expression of utter frustration... more
                • Yes, I quite agree.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Sep 9 19:12
                  "I met one," Tabitha nodded as she finished scibbling a comment at the bottom of an essay before moving it to the 'finished' pile. It was probably a bit ambitious to call it a pile given that it only ... more
                  • You're distractable today.Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 10 00:53
                    Mary laughed, an easy dancing tune lifting from her mouth as she watched Tabitha pout. She had feelings about this story including Tabitha, a Veela, and JJ, but she preferred this more playful,... more
                    • You're my distraction. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Sep 10 01:13
                      Tabitha smiled as a pink blush coloured her cheeks, having received a kiss on her nose and her lips, though she wished it had been more than a slight graze. However, she knew that Mary was shier in... more
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