Tabitha Hawthorne
You're my distraction.
Mon Sep 10, 2018 01:13

Tabitha smiled as a pink blush coloured her cheeks, having received a kiss on her nose and her lips, though she wished it had been more than a slight graze. However, she knew that Mary was shier in public than in private and didn't push the matter. It was enough to be with the wonderful woman, with her girlfriend that how much they kissed didn't really matter.

At the suggestion of a walk, Tabitha was suddenly excited and filled with energy, pushing herself to her feet and stuffing her things into Mary's bag. A walk sounded delightful and maybe they could find somewhere more private where they didn't have to be two professors but instead, just two people in love.

"Embrace them," Tabitha grinned, in answer to Mary's question. She hadn't explored the maze yet and was excited to do so, especially with Mary. She couldn't imagine a better way to spend her day. "They're wonderful feelings. As wonderful as you are."

Once everything was packed up, Tabitha looked at the two paths to choose from and after an internal debate, she decided to go down the left one and grabbed Mary's hand to pull her along with her as they started to make their way deeper into the maze. Tabitha knew that there were some dangerous - or supposedly dangerous - creatures hidden within the labyrinth and couldn't herself from hoping they might come across something.

"Besides knowing your way around, do you know anything else about the maze?"

Foreknowledge was powerful and would help Tabitha prepare if there was something a bit nasty hiding in the hedges.

  • You're distractable today.Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 10 00:53
    Mary laughed, an easy dancing tune lifting from her mouth as she watched Tabitha pout. She had feelings about this story including Tabitha, a Veela, and JJ, but she preferred this more playful,... more
    • You're my distraction. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Sep 10 01:13
      • So you're focused on a interesting!Mary Brooding, Wed Sep 12 01:59
        Mary laughed, happy to follow after the suddenly eager Defense professor. Everything in Tabitha's demeanor screamed of desperation for adventure, a feeling Mary rarely felt herself although she... more
        • I can't help it.Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Sep 12 14:45
          Tabitha had pulled out her wand from the inside pocket of her blazer, more out of habit rather than anything else. It had become the norm and also, a comfort, to be holding her wand when exploring.... more
          • Help me?Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 15 18:32
            Despite her bleak mood, it was easy to be with Tabitha, and their wanderings were comforting. It was far too nice a time to feel grey and Mary perked up quickly, laughing and joking with her... more
            • Always.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 20:05
              Tabitha had had a wonderful day with Mary, enjoying it far more than she ever would have done reading and grading essays. Her girlfriend - Tabitha was unable to keep herself from smiling every time... more
              • Thank you.Mary Brooding and Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 22:24
                (OOC-- Collaboratively written with Tabitha's author) Mary watched, surprised to find her own face dissolving and twisting into one that looked more like Tabitha’s. Of course, it was not Tabitha’s.... more
                • For you, I'd do anything. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 22:43
                  "This will hurt," Tabitha warned and her face twisted uncomfortably, not wanting to cause the wonderful woman pain but it was a necessary evil. She steeled herself, breathing in deeply as she pointed ... more
                  • Like breathe?Mary Brooding, Tue Sep 25 22:39
                    Mary groaned in pain when Tabitha's magic forced her broken wrist into place. She was particularly grateful for magic in these situations, although she couldn't help wondering if a slow muggle heal... more
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