Mary Brooding
So you're focused on a interesting!
Wed Sep 12, 2018 01:59

Mary laughed, happy to follow after the suddenly eager Defense professor. Everything in Tabitha's demeanor screamed of desperation for adventure, a feeling Mary rarely felt herself although she enjoyed the adventures she did go on, and Mary was glad for them both if the maze would satisfy her.

"Just rumors," she admitted, trying to remember what she knew of the Gardens. "That sign has been up forever, warning people of the monsters that may lurk in the bushes. Some boys when I was growing up used to say that there were hidden hearths that if you accidentally walked into or over and knocked a branch the wrong way, you'd be covered in Floo powder and transported someplace unknown."

Mary laughed at the memory. Running through the Gardens hadn't always been a pleasant past time but the stories that had been so frightening before now seemed rather silly.

"One girl said there was a Boggart," she added, frowning. "I'm not actually sure if that was a rumor... she was in the Hospital Wing and didn't return to normal for a long time, although she never said what it was she feared." Mary shivered, preferring not to even think of what she'd find in the face of a monster like that. "But I'm not sure what one would even hide in. It's not like there's wardrobes or boxes or anything out here."

Mary watched Tabitha for a moment, trying to shake the negativity that felt like it was clinging to her with a sudden heaviness. Perhaps her fear... no. She wouldn't think about it.

"But I have you," Mary said, continuing the conversation with Tabitha just as much as she was reassuring herself of her statement's truth. "I don't have to be afraid of anything that could be living in the Gardens."

  • You're my distraction. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Sep 10 01:13
    Tabitha smiled as a pink blush coloured her cheeks, having received a kiss on her nose and her lips, though she wished it had been more than a slight graze. However, she knew that Mary was shier in... more
    • So you're focused on a interesting! — Mary Brooding, Wed Sep 12 01:59
      • I can't help it.Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Sep 12 14:45
        Tabitha had pulled out her wand from the inside pocket of her blazer, more out of habit rather than anything else. It had become the norm and also, a comfort, to be holding her wand when exploring.... more
        • Help me?Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 15 18:32
          Despite her bleak mood, it was easy to be with Tabitha, and their wanderings were comforting. It was far too nice a time to feel grey and Mary perked up quickly, laughing and joking with her... more
          • Always.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 20:05
            Tabitha had had a wonderful day with Mary, enjoying it far more than she ever would have done reading and grading essays. Her girlfriend - Tabitha was unable to keep herself from smiling every time... more
            • Thank you.Mary Brooding and Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 22:24
              (OOC-- Collaboratively written with Tabitha's author) Mary watched, surprised to find her own face dissolving and twisting into one that looked more like Tabitha’s. Of course, it was not Tabitha’s.... more
              • For you, I'd do anything. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 22:43
                "This will hurt," Tabitha warned and her face twisted uncomfortably, not wanting to cause the wonderful woman pain but it was a necessary evil. She steeled herself, breathing in deeply as she pointed ... more
                • Like breathe?Mary Brooding, Tue Sep 25 22:39
                  Mary groaned in pain when Tabitha's magic forced her broken wrist into place. She was particularly grateful for magic in these situations, although she couldn't help wondering if a slow muggle heal... more
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