Tabitha Hawthorne
Sat Sep 15, 2018 20:05

Tabitha had had a wonderful day with Mary, enjoying it far more than she ever would have done reading and grading essays. Her girlfriend - Tabitha was unable to keep herself from smiling every time she thought of Mary like that - had found a new thing to amuse herself with, pointing random things out and insisting that they were the marks of dragons that didn't even exist. Tabitha had corrected her each and every time, though had done so with a laugh and a smile as the pair walked together.

She'd become more relaxed as the day had gone on and had even slipped her wand back into her blazer. Having not encountered anything deadlier than the odd bumblebee, she decided that the rumours of dangerous creatures hiding in the labyrinth were exactly that: rumours and tall tales of older students or perhaps even professors wanting to spook the students.

As the afternoon shifted to evening, Tabitha started to wonder if they should at least start making their way back to the school and get something to eat. She paused momentarily to look around her but the paths were foreign and nothing was recognisable and she frowned, grumbling to herself, "Of course, we'd actually get lost."

She was aware that Mary had moved ahead of her and was inspecting something on the ground though Tabitha was more concerned with trying to deduce just how far they were into the maze and in which direction they should walk. When she heard a gasp, she whirled round to find Mary on the ground and looking upwards at an older figure of a woman.

Tabitha produced her wand, gripping it tightly as she slowly approached Mary, her eyes narrowed at the figure. Her mind raced as she thought of all the things or people it could possibly be and then, when she got closer, it became more obvious. It appeared to be Mary, though far, far older than she was now and showing younger Mary a picture book that had an image of people that Tabitha could only assume was Mary's family who she knew to be long dead and, to some surprise, a picture of Tabitha herself.

It was then that everything clicked into place.


And it had fixed on Mary and was drawing her fear from her which appeared to be outliving everyone including Tabitha herself and being left alone.

Tabitha did the only thing she could think to do and threw herself in front of Mary, her arms stretched out wide as if she herself could be a shield to protect Mary from the danger present. The older Mary met Tabitha's eyes momentarily before her face twisted angrily and she disappeared in a whirl of colour, choosing Tabitha's fears to prey on. Tabitha couldn't help but swallow thickly, unsure as to what it would choose or settle on.

Her jaw clenched when it morphed and twisted into the shapes of her mother and father. They were both dressed so formally, as they always were, in fine and undoubtedly expensive fabrics. Her mother was thin and tall, like Tabitha, with the same dark hair and gathered in an tidy bun, indicating that it was far longer than Tabitha's own short her. She had piercing green eyes and a long nose and her lips were pressed together in a thin, unimpressed line. Her father shared her eyes and he, too, was tall and imposing and stern faced, his brow creased as he frowned. His hair was swept back and the blackness of it was mixed with grey as was his beard which was neatly trimmed.

"You have no idea what a disappointment you are to us, Tabitha," her mother spoke, her voice cold and unfeeling. "Running off like that with such fanciful ideas. Don't you realise how incompetent you are? How reckless? It's really no surprise that you haven't come home, that you haven't written. You know, deep down, that your actions are shameful and that we are ashamed of you. You couldn't even drown properly," she scoffed, then gave Tabitha a disgusted look.

Tabitha felt like she'd been punched in the stomach and the hand that was gripping her wand started to shake. She swallowed again and felt herself looking pleadingly into her mother's eyes and felt words that, when strung together, would be a beg for forgiveness if they escaped her mouth. She could feel in her core that it wasn't real, that it was merely a boggart playing on her fears but her mind couldn't seem to make the connection and recognise the danger.

"I wouldn't come home, if I were you," her father spoke. His voice was deep and low. "You'd only upset your mother further and I think you've done enough damage to this family."

Somewhere, the defensive side of herself rose up briefly and she felt herself moving her wand and incanting the spell needed to banish the boggart but her voice was weak and the feeling wasn't there, the positive, happy feelings sapped from her soul. The boggart morphed, swirling again before Tabitha's eyes and then a young man appeared before her. She visibly recoiled, more horrified at the sight than at the sight of her parents. The blond hair, the brown eyes, the lean and tall body. It was the all too familiar form of John Joseph Anderson. The boggart - JJ - grinned nastily at the sight of her horror.

"Tabitha..." JJ crooned and the woman felt sick at the sound of her name coming from his mouth. His voice brought up the horrible, soul-crushing feelings she thought she'd managed to shed and leave behind. "Look at you, you haven't changed. Always reckless, always so incredibly stupid. Running into dangerous situations with no care for yourself or the people surrounding you. It's quite the miracle that your new little girlfriend there hasn't been killed yet by your actions. Do you really think she's going to stick around for much longer when she realises how dangerous you are? I wouldn't go making any plans for anything long-term, if I were you. After all, I left you. I abandoned you in America because I could no longer stand the sight of you. You're stuck here because you're too stupid to see a way out."

Tabitha's wand started to lower, the boggart's cruel words surrounding her in a world that, like JJ himself, was far too familiar. There was a rush as feeling of loneliness, emptiness and downright pointlessness swarmed her heart, engulfing the warm feelings that she'd been enjoying as of late. It was like an infection, spreading through her entire being as darkness descended over her soul, cloaking it in its cold embrace. Tears prickled at the back of her eyes, threatening to fall and her lips had started to tremble, a sob threatening to rip through her throat. It was all so true. Every word. Who was she really kidding? How could somebody as wonderful and as good-hearted and as kind as Mary love somebody so dangerous and reckless? She wasn't fooling anybody, swanning around with all her knowledge of creatures and of the world. Here she was, stuck in a country that she barely knew and being a burden to everybody around her. Who was she kidding, really?

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    Despite her bleak mood, it was easy to be with Tabitha, and their wanderings were comforting. It was far too nice a time to feel grey and Mary perked up quickly, laughing and joking with her... more
    • Always. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 20:05
      • Thank you.Mary Brooding and Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 22:24
        (OOC-- Collaboratively written with Tabitha's author) Mary watched, surprised to find her own face dissolving and twisting into one that looked more like Tabitha’s. Of course, it was not Tabitha’s.... more
        • For you, I'd do anything. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 22:43
          "This will hurt," Tabitha warned and her face twisted uncomfortably, not wanting to cause the wonderful woman pain but it was a necessary evil. She steeled herself, breathing in deeply as she pointed ... more
          • Like breathe?Mary Brooding, Tue Sep 25 22:39
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