Tabitha Hawthorne
For you, I'd do anything.
Sat Sep 15, 2018 22:43

"This will hurt," Tabitha warned and her face twisted uncomfortably, not wanting to cause the wonderful woman pain but it was a necessary evil. She steeled herself, breathing in deeply as she pointed her wand at Mary's wrist. "Episkey," she muttered softly and she heard Mary's bones snap back together. Feeling terribly guilty over the whole thing, she raised Mary's newly mended wrist to her lips and kissed it gently, willing the pain to fade quickly. "I'm so sorry," she said again, gently massaging circles on her wrist now.

"Let's find a bench," she said, deciding that they both needed a sit down. The walked along the path, in the opposite direction to where the boggart had materialised and soon came to a stone bench. Tabitha sat herself down and promptly dropped her head into her hands and sighed heavily. Why had she decided to drag Mary into the blasted maze?

"I'm sorry," she said again and then groaned into her hands. That seemed to be the only thing she could think to say and she felt frustrated that she seemed unable to say anything else. She sniffed and raised her head, rubbing a hand over her head before remembering that she'd brought a flask of tea out with her all the hours before. Tea. That's what was needed. Tea.

  • Thank you.Mary Brooding and Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 22:24
    (OOC-- Collaboratively written with Tabitha's author) Mary watched, surprised to find her own face dissolving and twisting into one that looked more like Tabitha’s. Of course, it was not Tabitha’s.... more
    • For you, I'd do anything. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 22:43
      • Like breathe?Mary Brooding, Tue Sep 25 22:39
        Mary groaned in pain when Tabitha's magic forced her broken wrist into place. She was particularly grateful for magic in these situations, although she couldn't help wondering if a slow muggle heal... more
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